New York Times - Jul 30 2003

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Clues Answers
'We'll tak ___ o' kindness yet' ACUP
'What foolishness!' FIE
'You'll go ___!' FAR
'___ Brockovich' ERIN
'___ help?' CANI
100-cent unit EURO
2000 sci-fi film XMEN
Actor Vigoda ABE
Apéritif choice VIN
At most, informally MAX
Bag lunch eater? HORSE
Blubber SOB
Burro's cry BRAY
Chemical bonds LINKAGES
Chronic misbehaver IMP
Cry of mock horror EEK
DVD menu option PLAY
Employee's request RAISE
Esau's father ISAAC
Florida's Key ___ LARGO
Go-between EMISSARY
God who rides an eight-legged horse ODIN
Guest bed, maybe SOFA
Gun's recoil KICK
Hit by strong winds BUFFETED
Iran is a mem. of it OPEC
Island near Corsica ELBA
It isn't returned ACE
Its hub is in Copenhagen SAS
Lennon's love ONO
Like flu victims ACHY
Love or song ending FEST
Major work OPUS
Merlin Olsen, once, for short LARAM
Metro stop: Abbr. STA
Mr. Bean on the screen ORSON
One who crosses the line? SCAB
Opening of a toast HERESTO
Part of E.T.A.: Abbr. ARR
Clues Answers
Parting word ADIEU
Piece of sound equipment AMP
Promote an album, possibly TOUR
Publicity INK
Radio Hall of Fame inductee Kay KYSER
Rattrap STY
Sailing ASEA
San Juan Hill site CUBA
Shoot past, e.g. MISS
Show flexibility ADAPT
Sizable vessels ARKS
Soda fountain purchases COKES
Some Antietam combatants REBS
Spoonful, say TASTE
Sports car features SPOILERS
Strauss's '___ Rosenkavalier' DER
Street fleet CABS
Sue Grafton's '___ for Evidence' EIS
Swedish exports SAABS
Test TRY
Triangular sail JIB
Turkish generals AGAS
Vacationer's vehicle CAMPER
Valuable green stuff JADE
Violinist Leopold AUER
Wds. of similar meaning SYNS
Wee, to Burns SMA
What detectives follow LEADS
When doubled, start of a cheer HIP
White House staffer AIDE
Wide-awake ALERT
Wide-brimmed chapeaux SUNHATS
___ Minor URSA
___ saxophone ALTO