USA Today - Jul 28 2003

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Clues Answers
"B.C." creator HART
"Father of Television" BAIRD
"The Evening ___" (1996) STAR
A crowd for Caesar? III
Ames and Sullivan EDS
Be off ERR
Bearded, like barley AWNED
Beaver's father WARD
Blotter notation AKA
Bumpy problem to face? ACNE
Button word, sometimes PRESS
Crunch creator NESTLE
Dander IRE
Didn't just check MATED
Disport AMUSE
Dynasty after the Ch'in HAN
Emilio Estevez cult flick REPOMAN
Et ___ (and the following) SEQ
Food additive MSG
Get to ANNOY
Hard to come by SCARCE
Has to return a favor OWES
Hatch of politics ORRIN
Heavy burdens ONUSES
Helps a hood ABETS
In ___ (before birth) UTERO
Internet interaction CHAT
Is down with HAS
It can be taken on a trip PHOTO
It may be tied up in Tokyo OBI
It's within your range OVEN
Jet competitor ESSENCE
Kind of brat ARMY
Kind of mother DEN
Lets loose FREES
Letter stroke SERIF
Like corduroy WALED
Like Manute Bol REEDY
Clues Answers
Like some descriptions SKETCHY
Martinique, par exemple ILE
Medicos DOCS
Needless bother ADO
Nervous excitement SWIVET
New Zealand tribesman MAORI
No one has two of them ENS
Novelty pet CHIA
On the rocks ICED
Part of some Web addresses EDU
Pile to be burned PYRE
Positive thinking proponent PEALE
Present for the teacher HERE
Propelled a wherry OARED
Red Sea port ADEN
Rotisserie rotator SPIT
Set one's sights AIMED
Sheikdom of song ARABY
Short way to go RTE
Singer? RAT
Sister of Osiris ISIS
Something sensed ODOR
Sound beginning? ULTRA
Stick with a stick, say PROD
The puck stops here NET
They're found in pockets and seams ORES
They're often caught lying down RAYS
Tug tow SCOW
TV sked abbr. TBA
Victim of murder one ABEL
What keepers keep INNS
Young 'un TYKE
___ and bounds METES