New York Times - Jul 22 2003

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Clues Answers
'Cold one' BEER
'Encore!' MORE
'Square' thing MEAL
'What a shame' TOOBAD
'Yada, yada, yada ...' ETCETC
45-Across holder STEIN
601, in old Rome DCI
A to E, musically speaking FIFTH
Acquired relative INLAW
Arles assent OUI
Author Rand AYN
Bar bill TAB
Be a kvetch CARP
Bird with a showy mate PEAHEN
Castor or Pollux STAR
Choppers, so to speak TEETH
Circulation mainstay AORTA
Coin words INGOD
Cupcake brand HOSTESS
Discuss pros and cons DEBATE
Drive-in server CARHOP
Earthy pigment OCHRE
Gives the go-ahead OKS
Hasty escape LAM
Have a feeling SENSE
Impresario Hurok SOL
In alignment TRUE
In fashion HIP
In the past AGO
Intimidate, with 'out' PSYCH
Jeweler's unit CARAT
Johnny ___, 'Key Largo' gangster ROCCO
Leprechaun's land EIRE
Letters that lack stamps EMAIL
Made tracks SPED
Make well HEAL
Mistreated meat? CHIPPEDBEEF
Clues Answers
Mistreated spice? CRACKEDPEPPER
Mistreated spread? WHIPPEDBUTTER
Mistreated vegetable? CREAMEDCORN
Mount Rushmore locale: Abbr. SDAK
Neck of the woods AREA
New newts EFTS
Part of B.Y.O.B. OWN
Patriotic women's org. DAR
Pier's support PILING
Pop art icon ANDYWARHOL
Popular CBS drama CSI
Price word EACH
Rap sheet handle ALIAS
Right-leaning? ITALIC
Salon sweepings HAIR
Select group ALIST
Sizable sandwich HERO
Some whiskeys RYES
Space explorer PROBE
Speed limit abbr. MPH
Start over REDO
Story starter ONCE
Summer Games org. IOC
Swindles BILKS
Tanning lotion letters SPF
They're weighed at weigh stations SEMIS
Three, in a saying CROWD
Tie the knot WED
Tilt-A-Whirl, e.g. RIDE
Toupee, slangily RUG
Wall St. debut IPO
Words of woe OHME
Worshiped ones IDOLS
Wrinkly-skinned dog SHARPEI
Writer Ephron NORA
Yale Bowl rooter ELI
Zoo heavyweight HIPPO
___ facto IPSO