Universal - Jun 22 2003

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Clues Answers
"His eye ___ the sparrow" ISON
"Just ___ suspected!" ASI
"Patriot Games" grp. IRA
"Soft & -___" antiperspirant brand DRI
"___ Like It" ASYOU
A Catwoman portrayer KITT
A fish out of school? SOLE
A fish that gets canned? ALBACORE
A fish that nags? CARP
Act the chairperson PRESIDE
Alleviate EASE
Annapolis monogram USN
Bites like a puppy NIPS
Blissful spot HEAVEN
Certain food in a bowl ALPO
Certain soap, initially ATWT
Cheese adjective SHARP
Chocolate treat OREO
Chuckle in a chat room LOL
City in West Yorkshire LEEDS
Col. Sanders' Co. KFC
Colonist, for one SETTLER
Commuter plane trips HOPS
Curs' curers VETS
Dance in 2/4 time ONESTEP
Decaf dispenser, perhaps URN
Disney's Little Mermaid ARIEL
Do a clerical job FILE
Fertile soil LOESS
Fish that could double as a center? SNAPPER
Fish that's part bovine? BULLHEAD
Fish with strings attached? BASS
Four-baggers HOMERS
Gaels' Ireland EIRE
George who played Norm WENDT
Grad's school ALMAMATER
Hard covering SHELL
Harden SET
Clues Answers
How to communicate with any of the seven entries in this puzzle JUSTDROPITALINE
I-80 et al. RTES
In pursuit AFTER
It may put holes in shoes AWL
It's a good thing ASSET
It's heard before plunk and plop KER
It's paid as you go? TOLL
July 15th for Julius Caesar IDES
Like speech and the press, ideally FREE
Linguist's suffix ESE
Long weapon SPEAR
Magician's fanfare TADA
Many millennia EON
Nimbostratus output RAINDROP
Not get hit, in a way STANDPAT
Perplexed ATSEA
Piano piece ETUDE
Prefix meaning "bone" OSTEO
Prefix meaning "peculiar" IDIO
Profitable chickens for Col. Sanders FRIERS
Putin's putoff? NYET
Queens' Arthur court? ASHE
Riveter of note ROSIE
Salon treatments FACIALS
Sharp spur wheel ROWEL
Some once-a-year travelers HAJIS
Spherical intro ATMO
Spread in a tub? OLEO
Suggestive look or grin LEER
Sweeping cut SLASH
Tabula ___ RASA
Too ___ handle HOTTO
Traditional basketball powerhouse USA
Two nuts hold them in place? UBOLTS
Vardalos of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" NIA
Where the inn crowd might stay BANDB
Zebulon's favorite fish? PIKE
___ nous ENTRE