Irish Times (Simplex) - Dec 3 2010

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Clues Answers
'Brawny, powerfully built (8)' MUSCULAR
'Electromagnetic waves, for medical diagnosis say (1-4)' XRAYS
'Forbid, prohibit (3)' BAN
'Large ursine in the heavens (5,4)' GREATBEAR
'Loud, long diatribe (8)' HARANGUE
'The advantage of beginning ahead of others (4,5)' HEADSTART
'Tree, fruit and colour (6)' CHERRY
Accustom to something unpleasant INURE
Acted as umpire REFEREED
Bending easily FLEXIBLE
Bit or chewed persistently GNAWED
Calorie-free sweetener SACCHARIN
Civilised and refined URBANE
Cor! what a fabulous bird ROC
Excesses of liabilities over assets DEFICITS
Forbidden City of Tibet LHASA
Great flood DELUGE
Heavy blows with the hand THUMPS
Clues Answers
Islamic law SHARIA
It signals the future HARBINGER
Large constrictor snake BOA
Mendicant BEGGAR
Niche or alcove RECESS
One keeps watch GUARD
One tries to influence government in favour of their cause LOBBYIST
One-storeyed building BUNGALOW
Sample the flavour TASTE
Scheduled to arrive DUE
Stories with a moral FABLES
Temporarily halts SUSPENDS
The city of the International Court of Justice HAGUE
Thin fried slices of potato CRISPS
Throws out EJECTS
Two-door car COUPE
Underground burial chamber CRYPT
Young salmon GRILSE