Irish Times (Simplex) - May 22 2009

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Clues Answers
Addressed a deity PRAYED
Any system of beliefs ISM
Blockbuster with huge sales SMASHHIT
Brief bright light GLEAM
Careless, remiss NEGLIGENT
City road STREET
Coast to the racecourse ASCOT
Computer screen symbols ICONS
Firework, burns with a fizzing noise SQUIB
Friendly, nonthreatening AMICABLE
Headgear for a horse BRIDLE
Highest point in the heavens ZENITH
Inescapable attack in chess CHECKMATE
Intended MEANT
Leering OGLING
Memorial mound of stones CAIRN
Mohammed . . . (boxer) ALI
Clues Answers
Nova . . . . . ., Canadian peninsula SCOTIA
One with great sensitivity to beauty AESTHETE
Painting on three panels TRIPTYCH
Poorly ILL
Questionable DOUBTFUL
Racial extermination GENOCIDE
Relating to birth NATAL
Resists, stands up to DEFIES
Small two-master sailing vessel KETCH
The act of going out EGRESS
The legendary sword of King Arthur EXCALIBUR
The power of retaining and recalling past experience MEMORY
Twists together into a confusing mass ENTANGLES
Walking aid CRUTCH
Wet through and through SODDEN
Witch's companion FAMILIAR
Women of rank in the British peerage LADIES
Yearly meeting, in short AGM