USA Today - May 23 2003

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Clues Answers
--- meridiem ANTE
Acquiesce AGREE
Anatomical cavity SINUS
Artistic pole TOTEM
Brainless INANE
Carrots and beets, e.g. ROOTCROPS
Chambers connected to other chambers ATRIA
Coen brothers film FARGO
Cohan's "---There" OVER
Commandments bearer ARK
Commits a deadly sin LUSTS
Copy cats? MEW
Danger, for Pauline PERIL
Deeply involved with INTO
Displaying good posture ERECT
Down-and-out time-out? NAP
Emotional pain HEARTACHE
Epochs ERAS
Erstwhile music players HIFIS
Eunuch's charge HAREM
Exclamations of contentedness AHS
Exhibit rudeness, in a way STARE
Finger-pointer's word SEE
Fishhook attachment SNELL
Flow's partner EBB
Forest clearing GLADE
French ecclesiastic ABBE
Functional UTILE
Fussy couple? ESSES
Genuine article THE
Get a lode of this ORE
Home of Betelgeuse ORION
In film, he had seven faces LAO
Joyous song celebrating a birth CAROL
Kind of center REC
Knuckleheads DOLTS
Clues Answers
Lamb Chop's animator SHARI
Lightened one's billfold SPENT
Lip shade RUBY
Mom's coaxing EAT
More gelid ICIER
Natural resource OIL
Opposition member ANTI
Organ receiver DONEE
P, on a fraternity jacket RHO
Pampered one? TOT
Place side by side APPOSE
Place to pasture LEA
Plumbing pipe material PVC
Pool table quality LEVELNESS
Printer's measures EMS
Put into law ENACT
Race category RELAY
Race that's a tie? ASCOT
Ratio of probability ODDS
Rebus pronoun EYE
Rembrandt's last name PEALE
Sad ending? DEE
Say somethin' ELIDE
Skater's figure EIGHT
Small fries TYKES
Soapboxes PODIA
Sounds of mirth HAHA
Spoken ORAL
Sticking point, to Hamlet RUB
Superlative suffix EST
Traditional basketball powerhouse USA
Uncommon sense ESP
Used a kitchen utensil RICED
Vigorous and fresh VERNAL
What benedicts are WED
Words to live by CREDO