Irish Times (Simplex) - Jan 16 2009

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Clues Answers
'. . . . . . is as good as a feast' ENOUGH
'. . . . . . speaks louder then words' ACTION
'Able was I ere I saw . . . .' ELBA
Able or physically equipped to do FITFOR
Absence of conflict PEACE
Ancient inhabitant of Peru INCA
Approximately, or in vicinity ABOUT
Being discussed or disputed ATISSUE
Blunt or unintelligent OBTUSE
Building assembled from prepared parts PREFAB
Celtic minstrels or poets BARDS
Clothing, things to wear APPAREL
Crammed, packed in tightly CHOCKFULL
Dickens boy who asked for more OLIVER
Divided into two equal parts BISECTED
Have caution, be on guard BEWARE
Hid or waited stealthily LURKED
In regretful or doleful way RUEFULLY
Clues Answers
Kind of trumpet, or ice cream holder CORNET
Light repetitive sounds - little feet or rain PATTER
Lively play during prom ROMP
Modern criminals who break into computer systems HACKERS
Narrator or bank cashier TELLER
Not in this place - try another ELSEWHERE
Of meat, lightly cooked RARE
Peril, exposure to harm DANGER
Sacred Egyptian beetle SCARAB
Sentimental TV serial, sounds clean SOAPOPERA
Set right, rectify REDRESS
Stick to ADHERE
Stimulate or excite AROUSE
Sweet after-dinner alcoholic drinks LIQUEURS
They are in charge of museums CURATORS
Turning part of machine - a palindrome ROTOR
Went first in order to enact deed ANTECEDED
Worn away by wind or water ERODED