Irish Times (Simplex) - Nov 8 2007

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Clues Answers
A countenance like mine MIEN
A play on words PUN
Accustomed baby to food other than milk WEANED
Argue about price while bargaining HAGGLE
Biblical Sea west of the Jordan GALILEE
Brief conventional expression of gratitude THANKS
Chop or hack at HEW
Criminal who breaks into computer systems HACKER
Cuts or terminates SEVERS
Drawing closer to NEARING
Dude apt to be made current UPDATED
Eggs of the louse NITS
Emerge from sleep WAKEUP
Fish like cod but smaller HADDOCK
Food for male MEAL
Gentlemen's gentlemen VALETS
Giant Philistine laid low by David GOLIATH
Great waterfalls on Canadian-US border NIAGARA
Hercules had to clean out these filthy stables AUGEAN
Large structure for housing aircraft HANGAR
Lift to higher place or position ELEVATE
Clues Answers
Loose cloak or promontory CAPE
Loose money in pocket CHANGE
Neat and well-dressed DAPPER
Of woods and trees SILVAN
Promise or oath VOW
Raise petty objections about goldfish CARP
River crossed by Caesar in decisive move RUBICON
Roman god of the sea NEPTUNE
Sails of a windmill VANES
Seat for a rider, horse or bike SADDLE
Seed-bearing part of corn EAR
Small burrowing animal - love it VOLE
Song of triumph or praise PAEAN
Tardy or dead LATE
The season leading up to Christmas ADVENT
To do with hearing or the ears AURAL
Try to do as well as EMULATE
Tunnel made by rabbit BURROW
Very thin biscuits WAFERS
Water plants with no true stems or leaves ALGAE
Wild disturbance by crowd of people RIOT