New York Times - May 6 2003

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Clues Answers
'I' problem? EGOMANIA
'M*A*S*H' star ALDA
'Nah!' UHUH
'The Godfather' composer Nino ___ ROTA
'Zounds!' EGADS
Accomplishment FEAT
Actress MacGraw ALI
Acts investigated by insurance companies ARSONS
Alpine call YODEL
Athens rival SPARTA
Bald Brynner YUL
Basements' opposites ATTICS
Best of the best CHOICEST
Blind strip SLAT
Bring in EARN
Central part PITH
Cereal grain OAT
Chico's 'ciao' ADIOS
Completely surround ENCIRCLE
Corp. bigwig CEO
Decorative jugs EWERS
Do harm to INJURE
Env. abbreviation ATTN
Environmental prefix ECO
ET carrier UFO
Explosive inits. TNT
From ___ Z ATO
General ___ chicken (Chinese dish) TSOS
Highlanders, e.g. SCOTS
It may be vinyl or aluminum SIDING
Its cap. is Sydney NSW
Jockey's straps REINS
Clues Answers
Killer whale ORCA
Kimono tie OBI
Least wild TAMEST
Little laugh TEHEE
Loudness units SONES
Magnet for a moth FLAME
N.J. city near the George Washington Br. FTLEE
Not a lot FEW
Not genuine: Abbr. IMIT
Not up or down, as a stock price: Abbr. UNCH
On vacation OFF
One-dimensional LINEAR
Opposed to ANTI
Palm reader, e.g. SEER
Pine exudation RESIN
Power glitch SURGE
Rat-___ ATAT
Salami choice GENOA
Send via phone line FAX
Shopper's lure SALE
Singer Celine DION
Singer Lauper CYNDI
Some undergrad degs. BAS
Strike back, say REACT
Superficial teaching method ROTE
Supertalented GIFTED
Supplement, as a bill TACKONTO
Surpasses in slyness OUTFOXES
Takes a nibble of TASTES
Took the bait BIT
Use a loom WEAVE
War crimes trier TRIBUNAL
Wheel's center HUB
Win the heart of ENAMOR
Witch's work HEX
Work units ERGS