New York Times - Apr 27 2003

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Clues Answers
'A Hymn to ___' ('My Fair Lady' song) HIM
'Drums Along the Mohawk' hero GIL
'Mayor' author EDKOCH
'Perfect' AOK
'Swiss Family Robinson' author WYSS
'What?' HUH
'___ en paz, fierro en guerra' (motto of San Francisco) ORO
'___ expert, but ...' IMNO
'___ got a girl for you!' HAVEI
'___ there yet?' AREWE
1949 Robert Ryan boxing film THESETUP
Accomplishes DOES
Acid neutralizer ALKALI
Acknowledged, but just barely GRUNTED
Actor Auberjonois RENE
Anglican bishop's headgear MITRE
At no time, in Neuss NIE
Atelier item PALETTE
Basketful, maybe WASH
Bathtub item LOOFAH
Battery size AAA
Beacon mounted on a pole CRESSET
Besmirch TAR
Big recording label EMI
Biological duct VAS
Cable network inits. USA
Canadian physician Sir William ___ OSLER
Capital at the foot of the Pichincha volcano QUITO
Certain poultry worker SEXER
City named for a Union general RENO
Consumed, biblically ATEOF
Conveyance system, as for water or oil PIPAGE
Convinced SURE
Cough syrup amt. TSP
Deep black INKY
Dirty look GLARE
Downtime, so to speak RANDR
Dravidian language TAMIL
Driver's need: Abbr. LIC
Dutch painter Gerard ___ Borch TER
European gas brand ESSO
Exhausted ALLIN
Exuberant cry WAHOO
Finish a mugging ROB
Follower's suffix ITE
Fraternity letters XIS
French aunt TANTE
French direction SUD
Ground breaker HOE
Half of Mork's greeting NANU
Hires a new set of employees RESTAFFS
Hot stuff CAYENNE
Hot stuff LOOT
Initials at O'Hare UAL
Insect's sense organs PALPS
Irving Berlin's 'You're Just in Love,' e.g. DUET
It 'goeth its way on triple feet': Aeschylus AGE
It might be perfect FUTURE
It's about 10 mi. from 53-Down CALIF
Japan's emperor beginning 1989 AKIHITO
Clues Answers
Justice Harlan ___ Stone FISKE
Karate instructor SENSEI
Knickknack spot SHELF
Laid off IDLED
Let out, as horses UNPEN
Lets off EMITS
Lets off ACQUITS
Like an atrium SKYLIT
Like Jell-O, e.g. MOLDED
Like some little heads POINTY
Like ___ of bricks ATON
List-ending abbr. ETAL
Major works EPICS
Map meas. SQMI
Marine snail WHELK
Match for una donna UOMO
Memphis street BEALE
Muslim judge HAKIM
Name from the Latin for 'nourishing' ALMA
Name suffix: Abbr. ESQ
Nickname for a gym rat MUSCLES
Ocean swimmer's worry ORCA
Old activist org. SDS
Palenque pals AMIGOS
Pants material CHINO
Plywood layer VENEER
Posting at O'Hare: Abbr. ETA
Prefix with business AGRI
Puff up ELATE
Rampage TEAR
Rejects, in a way DISOWNS
Response to a minister IDO
Restlessness ITCH
Right-triangle leg: Abbr. HYP
Rotgut BOOZE
Saint who lent his name to a cross ANTHONY
Samuel's teacher, in the Bible ELI
Scholarly writings ANNALS
Scythe wielders REAPERS
Shade of brown OATMEAL
Sings like Nat King Cole CROONS
Skedaddle SCOOT
Smacking one's lips while eating, e.g. NONO
Some bar features PIANOS
Something ___ (bride's need) OLD
Spoonful DOLLOP
Start of a J.F.K. challenge ASKNOT
Start of a tryster's message MEETME
Stovetop utensil WOK
Stravinsky's '___ for Wind Instruments' OCTET
Testifies under oath DEPONES
The Ponte Vecchio crosses it ARNO
Tristram Shandy's creator STERNE
Turkish title AGA
TV host with the instrumental theme 'I-M-4-U' PAAR
TV-Turnoff Week option BOOK
Under a canopy SHADED
Update electrically REWIRE
VCR button REW
Went quickly FLEWBY
Whence St. Clare ASSISI
Withdrawn SHY
Witty remark JEST
Words before and after 'what' IAM
Yankee Maris, informally ROG
You: Sp. USTED
___ City, Miss. YAZOO
___ Mahal TAJ
___ sort OFA
___-ons ADD