New York Times - Apr 20 2003

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Clues Answers
'Annus Mirabilis' poet DRYDEN
'Check, mate' AYE
'I'll be darned!' SONOFAGUN
'Krazy' one KAT
'Sunrise at Campobello' subj. FDR
1990's pop singer Stansfield LISA
Add-on EXTRA
Apothecary DRUGGIST
Around NEAR
Arrest RUNIN
Bad marks BLOTS
Be busy HUM
Beachfront locales RESORTS
Bears, to Brutus URSAE
Beauty who was born from an egg, in Greek myth HELEN
Become sticky, as piano keys? GETHARDTOPLAY
Bedmaker? STREAM
Begins to use TAPS
Bit of progress STRIDE
Bob, for one HAIRDO
Boxer's reach, e.g. STAT
Bridal goods TIARAS
Bring out EDUCE
Brownie ___ POINTS
Calculate good commissions? FIGUREAFINECUT
California state park south of Monterey BIGSUR
Canon camera EOS
Canonized monk who introduced the custom of dating events from the birth of Christ STBEDE
Catches sight of a homer? SPOTSTHEHIGHHIT
Cerebral one EGGHEAD
Certain berth UPPER
Chairwomen MADAMS
Chilling ONICE
Cisco Kid's sidekick PANCHO
Civic group LIONS
Clear of vermin DERAT
Coat material? PAINT
Cop ___ APLEA
Copenhagen flier SAS
Corrupt TAINT
Cross reference? INRI
Cry of disgust YAH
Cut of beef LOIN
Department of Bourg, France AIN
Diagnostics TESTS
Didn't just criticize REAMED
Diuretic target EDEMA
Double features? STUNTS
Emergency equipment FLARE
Excellent, in 80's-90's slang DEF
Exes, of a sort OLDFLAMES
Fighting ATWAR
Five in the morning, say EARLY
Football Hall-of-Famer Herber ARNIE
Football turnover: Abbr. INT
Former Georgia senator NUNN
French greeting SALUT
Fur tycoon ASTOR
George of 'Cheers' WENDT
Heavens: Var. AETHER
High-shouldered animal GNU
Hist. figure with a holiday named after him STPAT
Individually wrapped candies KISSES
Indulged in good feeling PRIDED
It prevents burn out: Abbr. SPF
Item on a car rack SKI
Ivy League squad ELIS
Clues Answers
John Waterhouse painting 'The Awakening of ___' ADONIS
Kind of health MENTAL
Lake formed by glaciation TARN
Landslide ___ (impolite presidential nickname) LYNDON
Legal aide, briefly PARA
Light bark ARF
Lon ___ of Cambodia NOL
Look at a traffic problem? EYEABLINDTURN
Lose oomph SAG
Low-altitude cloud STRATUS
Magazine contents RIFLES
Maintain ASSERT
Make some designs ETCH
Member of a long-running TV duel LENO
Memphis-to-Nashville dir. ENE
Middle ground GRAYAREA
Native Israeli SABRA
Newsman in a bow tie OSGOOD
Not in so many words TACIT
Not long ago OFLATE
Not own, say RENT
Off-the-set living quarters TRAILER
Opening play? ETUDE
Order request ASAP
Org. with a superfund EPA
Pack up election materials? BOXTHEBALLOTSTUFF
Paeans ODES
Party in power INS
Paternity test factor DNA
Playground section SWINGS
Poe called her 'the most lovely dead / That ever died so young!' LENORE
Prayer start OGOD
Prefix with sodium TRI
Prohibition opener DONOT
Quaint contraction TWERE
Questionnaire choice OTHER
Reuters alternative UPI
Run naked through a pornographer's presentation? STREAKABLUETALK
Run up INCUR
Scare off DETER
Seminoles' sch. FSU
Shadow, maybe SPY
Singer of the 1975 #1 hit 'Laughter in the Rain' SEDAKA
Some hosp. cases ODS
Spar rhythmically? PUNCHTOTHEBEAT
Squeals SINGS
Stopped fasting ATE
Suffix with Euclid EAN
Swindle, in a way GRIFT
The Flying Cloud, of old autodom REO
Tolerates ABIDES
Trattoria stock PASTAS
Treaty grp. OAS
Trickster SCAMP
Turns about SLUES
URL ending EDU
Washington and others DINAHS
White House nickname RON
___ Israel BETH
___ Schwarz FAO
___-Pitch SLO