Wall Street Journal - Apr 18 2003 - April 18, 2003 - Power Lunch

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Clues Answers
'Giant' ranch REATA
'L.A. Law' lawyer ARNIE
'Platoon' setting NAM
'The Night of the Hunter' screenwriter AGEE
'The Story of Philosophy' author DURANT
'Tradition' singer TEVYE
'Yesterday!' ASAP
'___ perpetua' (Idaho motto) ESTO
1 on the Mohs scale TALC
1944 Otto Preminger film LAURA
A&P's original business TEA
Backpedaler's words IMEANT
Bath buggies PRAMS
Big lugs APES
Big man on campus DEAN
Bit of business DEAL
Blow it ERR
Booking agent? COP
Bread item at a power lunch? KAISERRULE
Brighton bye-byes TATAS
Broadcast EMIT
Brood watchers HENS
Burglar's take HAUL
Callings CAREERS
Came out on top TRIUMPHED
Capital of 40-Down LIMA
Capital paper POST
Carrey's 'Dumb & Dumber' co-star DANIELS
Celestial bear URSA
Cello kin VIOLA
Centrino maker INTEL
Chimney pipe FLUE
Come crawling back? SWIM
Cooking cover APRON
Deli side SLAW
Dessert at a power lunch? PETITFORCE
Did lab work TESTED
Direct HEAD
Do a full monty STRIP
Draft pick ALE
Driver, for one WOOD
Eccentric wheels CAMS
Famed Dakota resident ONO
Famed Vegas casino CAESARS
Fancy flapjack CREPE
File crosser RANK
Fix a loose lace RETIE
Fork setting ROAD
Freezer bag name ZIPLOC
Fruit pastry STRUDEL
GE purchase of 1986 RCA
Gemstones for some Libras OPALS
Get deep, in a way SCUBA
Golfer Gene LITTLER
Grand THOU
Greenland native INUIT
Gussies up PREENS
Hand price ANTE
Harbor, perhaps ABET
Heart-stopping incident SCARE
Holy city? TOLEDO
Home of Iowa State AMES
Hot dog topping at a power lunch? SAUERCLOUT
How-to listings STEPS
Hydrocarbon suffix ANE
In agreement ONE
In shape TRIM
It's on the record SONG
It's smaller than a grand SPINET
Items on belts PAGERS
Its home is 11 Wall St. NYSE
Clues Answers
John of England ELTON
Kobe Bryant, for one LAKER
Leap for Hughes LUTZ
Llama land PERU
Locked in a cell EMBARRED
Loo sign GENTS
Loud, like fans AROAR
Lunchbox item THERMOS
Making all stops LOCAL
Man of morals AESOP
Match part SET
Maxima maker NISSAN
Miller's salesman LOMAN
Mint family member THYME
Missing LOST
MS enclosures SASES
Not giving a rap APATHETIC
Not on the level SLOPED
One with bad looks? LEERER
One with DPL plates AMB
Papas of 'Z' IRENE
Peak overlooking Rio SUGARLOAF
Peter Tosh, for one RASTA
Pianist Gilels EMIL
Pink hue MELON
Polecat's cousin FERRET
Pop up ARISE
Potato topping at a power lunch? BRAWNGRAVY
Potpourri bit PETAL
Power and others TYRONES
Profitable Internet business PORN
Puppeteer Tony SARG
Roy Rogers's real last name SLYE
Salad dressing at a power lunch? OILANDVIGOR
Schnozz add-on OLA
Seafood dish at a power lunch? MUSCLESMARINARA
Senate retiree of 2002 HELMS
Shepard in space ALAN
Shrinking sea ARAL
Sights at De Gaulle SSTS
Sleep badly TOSS
Some Bach pieces TOCCATAS
Spanish-speaking Muppet on 'Sesame Street' ROSITA
St. Teresa's birthplace AVILA
Stand on both sides of FLANK
State fundraiser LOTTO
Still life group PEARS
Straight LINEAR
Stressed type, for short ITALS
Tickled pink GLAD
Treat like dirt ABUSE
Trent of Mississippi LOTT
Trojan War sage NESTOR
Tuscan island ELBA
Two-piece piece BRA
Unconventional OUTRE
Under tension TAUT
Unidentified entrée at a power lunch? MASTERYMEAT
Up to now ASYET
Vaccine type ORAL
Vaulted area APSE
What's more ALSO
Where 'besuboru' is played JAPAN
Where rtes. meet JCT
White House's first occupant ADAMS
Zig or zag VEER
Zillions ALOT
Zingy taste TANG
___ avis RARA