Universal - Apr 12 2003

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Clues Answers
"--- of God" (play and movie) AGNES
"A Passage to India" woman ADELA
"So soon?" ALREADY
"The Liner --- a Lady" (Kipling) SHES
--- Lanka SRI
--- Paulo, Brazil SAO
1978 disco hit YMCA
A fly, when doubled TSE
Acapulco gold ORO
Avant-garde prefix NEO
Balm of --- (fragrant resin) GILEAD
Betting-window option EXACTA
Blazing, as a look AGLARE
Booze hound SOT
Brit's buddy MATEY
Brooklyn ending ITE
Bustling commotions ADOS
Cat's-eye GEM
Certain sandwiches GYROS
Charon's crossing STYX
Christian creed NICENE
Dance that may affect the weather RAIN
Edible tuber YAM
Experienced office holder POL
French cubist LEGER
Frisco footballer NINER
Gasconaded BRAGGED
Geneticist's workplace LAB
Good for drafting ONEA
Greek "H" ETA
Greek harp LYRE
Grows up AGES
High-protein bean SOY
Historic ship SANTAMARIA
Hockey legend Bobby ORR
Horton's worry EGG
Huff and puff GASP
Hurled FLUNG
Idolizer ADORER
Clues Answers
Important letters for Els PGA
King's land REALM
Lamb alias ELIA
Lendable organ EAR
Master of Latin prose CICERO
Melodic pieces ARIOSI
Most radios AMFM
Nastase of tennis ILIE
Not ashore ASEA
NY neighbor CONN
Part of a semicolon DOT
Printing widths EMS
Rhea's co-star in "Cheers" TED
Risque RACY
San follower DIEGO
Simile words ASA
Singer DiFranco ANI
Sixth follower SENSE
Slender cigar PANATELA
Some beans LIMAS
Some of them are twins BEDS
Southampton stirs GAOLS
Speak from a soapbox ORATE
Spike in production? LEE
Study of "Dianetics" by L. Ron Hubbard SCIENTOLOGY
Study of earth history GEOLOGY
Study of life BIOLOGY
Study of past human culture ARCHEOLOGY
Study of the mind PSYCHOLOGY
Study of weather METEOROLOGY
Sun. message SER
Tranquility REPOSE
Type of error CLERICAL
Well-preserved king TUT
Whirlpool alternative AMANA
White heron EGRET
Word repeated in "Fargo" YAH
Wrinkle fighters STEAMIRONS
Yucatec speakers MAYAS