Universal - Apr 8 2003

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Clues Answers
--- incognita TERRA
--- nous ENTRE
4-Down's father ELIEL
A long, long time EON
Actress Hagen UTA
Actress Shire TALIA
Antithesis of surfeit STARVE
Ate voraciously WOLFED
Attempt to confuse bulls? CHECKERREDFLAGS
Before, before ERE
Beginning ONSET
Book a conspicuous carrier? CHARTERREDPLANE
Bring action SUE
Brought up REARED
Change a communist regime? ALTERREDSTATE
Classic TV's ''That ---'' GIRL
Come to terms AGREE
Country singer Davis MAC
Degree that's for filling? DDS
Dinosaur's start EGG
Division word INTO
Dynamic leader AERO
École attendee ELEVE
Emancipated FREE
Exclamations of disgust UGHS
Famous Ranger LONE
Farm measure ACRE
First name in architecture EERO
Flat's lack AIR
Former name of Tokyo EDO
Fr. holy woman STE
George who was Mary ELIOT
Goodnight girl IRENE
Guns the engine REVS
Hebrew month ADAR
Holey sites GREENS
Ids' companions EGOS
Important time in history ERA
Clues Answers
Inserted ADDED
Ipso --- FACTO
Krazy --- KAT
Large atlas section ASIA
London gallery TATE
Low card DEUCE
Means of access DOOR
Moving on a circular course MEANDERING
Muse of poetry ERATO
Nice lady? ELLE
No rocket scientist DENSE
Nobelist Sadat ANWAR
North Carolina college ELON
Orchid necklace LEI
Pay stub category NET
Perry's creator ERLE
Practices middle management? DIETS
Presidential power VETO
Printer's measure ENS
Protect junior's toy? COVERREDWAGON
Provide fresh troops REMAN
Sharpshooter Oakley ANNIE
Something to bend on a human EAR
Soup server SPOON
Susan of ''The Partridge Family'' DEY
Switch setting OFF
Tailor's concern RIP
The long way around? DETOUR
They spread the word, for a time TOWNCRIERS
Took the pad RENTED
Upper limit CAP
Used a remote option MUTED
War film, ''A Bridge Too ---'' FAR
Word in a Carly Simon title VAIN
Word with bear or booby TRAP
Worthy of help NEEDY
Writer Bagnold ENID