Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jan 17 2004

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Clues Answers
Before half a century, the star gets hidden like a star ASTRAL
Break this ADJOURN
Can it be made to please time to pass like this? ELAPSE
Choose your time for this, by the sound of it TUESDAY
Doubles might have to follow the police for such a party POSSE
Following a father, I go slowly ADAGIO
For him to get back to India the door is not shut RAJA
From them you will never get your sound deserts COOKINGAPPLES
How 22 across might start to look for a bishop SEE
I have a fruity favourite, by the sound of it APPLEOFTHEEYE
It gets a red mark - and may give you a red mark, too HOTTAP
Just water - no more than that MERE
Line for an R.A. in a toque EQUATOR
Living this after after death if there's a man about HERE
Maybe it isn't the start of 4 down (3) NOT
Might besides? EDGES
Might one get around the motor in a blower? OCARINA
Partly half a dozen for male and female SEXTET
Put down face upward LAID
Clues Answers
Seems a harvest of stone OUTCROP
Seems as if one might have five, ten, fifty strings VIOL
Senior enough to serve for some worth in Japan DOYEN
So as to be let be about to read, put your foot down on it TREADLE
That makes a stretch of lying impossible ANAPPLEPIEBED
That's a short reply ANS
That's the way to get an addition for one in India PATH
The cave to get to on the shore is this AVOCET
The idea is not to get charged for this NOTION
They will have five, ten, fifty strings PIANOS
This is starting to be lent just after 35 across ASH
Trim this request for what's sweet APPLEPIEORDER
Walk up to the little dears STEP
What a cat may be looking to do SEEKING
White, the way one rose for him YORKIST
Will 'e go no more to preclude this in law? ESTOP
With what you get on the phone the phone does, hanging around like this EARRING
Would be so entitled to get Hank confused? KHAN
Yonder poor chap, who is he? PEASANT