Universal - Mar 19 2003

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Clues Answers
''--- of the Killer Tomatoes!'' ATTACK
''Action!'' preceder CAMERA
''Nothing ---!'' DOING
''The Morning Watch'' author AGEE
Apple, plum or pear TREE
Blue cheese feature MOLD
Brides follower MAID
Bully's prey, in stereotypes NERD
Caesarean section? VICI
Company car, for example PERK
Competed VIED
Compulsory HS subject ENG
Computer ''food'' DATA
Defendant's defense ALIBI
Designer de la Renta OSCAR
Devotion, and then some IDOLATRY
Dissect a sentence PARSE
Doctor's cry NURSE
Eight bits, computerwise BYTE
Encumbered LADEN
Entitle oneself to EARN
Eschew AVOID
Farm fodder SILAGE
Feature of a storied gingerbread house OVEN
Fish without ventral fins EEL
Fit to be tied INARAGE
Fitting APT
Fraction of a newton DYNE
Frank in a diary ANNE
Gump portrayer HANKS
Hitched, so to speak WED
Inflamed HEATED
Inventor's starting point IDEA
It doesn't leave a paper trail EMAIL
It may be under an umbrella MAITAI
It starts off well STAIR
Jeanne d'Arc, e.g. STE
Clues Answers
Like Willie Winkie WEE
Medieval weapons MACES
More stark BARER
Morse tap DIT
Mosque official IMAM
Movie previewer RATER
NASCAR advertiser STP
OR lifelines IVS
Pain in the neck PEST
Pick opening NIT
Potter's glaze ENAMEL
Recipe directive MINCE
Remove tearaway pants UNSNAP
Short on energy TIRED
Sicilian smoker ETNA
Sneak --- (look quickly) APEEK
Something for the poor ALMS
Sonnet segment VERSE
Stalwart column PILLAR
Starts to military march? EMS
Talk like a sot SLUR
Teed off IRKED
Texan cattle breed LONGHORN
The housewife in ''Diary of a Mad Housewife'' TINA
To do with birds AVIAN
Tracey of TV and film ULLMAN
Turkey's capital ANKARA
Twin Falls locale IDAHO
Water gate DAM
Word with circle or ear INNER
Word with ship or soul MATE
X follower RAY