Irish Times (Crosaire) - May 24 2003

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Clues Answers
And not either is mother fifty, as usual NORMAL
Because it gets about, it's not pretending SINCERE
Currently, it glows ELEMENT
Don't go straight to 35 across for this WIND
He gets to turn red to get up with this LAD
He might beat it at the double TOM
How I would come half up around them DEMI
If there was ice in the rent, that might tempt one ENTICER
It is after this that one has trouble to go in inside ENTER
It's a rum go for that to be fit for the XV DEADMANSCHEST
It's about a little money of late RECENT
It's all to the good to remove the North from 19 across ASSET
It's great gas when it glows MANTLE
Just over one foot of wine HOCK
Legally, it gets 6 down DEED
Neither right nor left ERR
On your life, don't pass them on DEADLYSECRETS
One gets this when one 2 down ARID
Clues Answers
One might not condemn Con when he's finished with this DONE
Only just not soft, this way HARDLY
Our Edward might have taken silk, but it's all been scrubbed SCOURED
Perhaps Peel could have been a revivalist AWAKENTHEDEAD
See 13 across, to boot KICK
See about a stopper for this vent ESCAPE
Sounds as if sweet Susan sounds cocky SUCROSE
Such orderliness is enough to make it messy about a little tea SYSTEM
That came around Ric from overseas AMERICA
The commonplace way to have a heathen god around the North BANAL
The head man goes on ahead, thanks to being in the end CAPTAIN
The ruler turns frosty EMIR
Those were entertaining when got over five hundred HOSTED
What a blow for the Bard TEMPEST
What gets dry when they're on the horse's back WITHERS
What they add up to makes one shake TOTTERS
Yes, just the way it left here ASSENT
You get such a male sound in the Church HIM
You get them through the eye, to boot LACES