New York Times - Oct 12 1997

Clues Answers
'Cheers!' SKOAL
'Takin' It ___ Streets' (1976 hit) TOTHE
'What's the ___?' DIF
1986 Starship hit SARA
40's-50's music BOP
Actress Stapleton MAUREEN
Adjoining NEXTTO
Anthem contraction OER
Antique car owner's need, for short TLC
Antique car owner's need, for short TLC.
Baja opposite ALTA
Bank offerings, for short IRAS
Bean counters ADDERS
Big Ten inits. OSU
Billiard shot MASSE
Breathing fire MAD
Broadcast, e.g. AIRING
Burr and Hamilton, e.g. DUELERS
Caesar, for one SID
Calendar abbr. AUG
Call, in a way REF
Can-opening aid GRIPPER
City on the Saône and Rhone LYONS
Civil rights leader Medgar EVERS
Close to, once ANEAR
Common correlatives ORS
Congo neighbor RWANDA
Crew tool OAR
Do piano work RETUNE
Dweeb NERD
Dynamite FAB
End amount NET
Family once called 'the landlords of New York' ASTORS
Fan sound RAH
Fannie ___ MAE
Fatigues WEARIES
Fish that hitches rides REMORA
Flair ELAN
Fountain treat MALT
Garden pests SLUGS
Gimlet or screwdriver TOOL
Give thumbs down NIX
Goldbrick DOGIT
Grabs in monopolistic fashion BUYSUP
Grabs in monopolistic fashion BUYSUP.
Gun grp. NRA
Hill's partner DALE
Hosp. employee EMT
Hurray for José OLE
Indian ox GAUR
It fits under a head NUT
It may need stroking EGO
It's east of the Caspian ARAL
Jewish pledge of faith SHEMA
Kind of quarter LATIN
Kind of sale REDTAG
Knight's fair lady MAIDEN
Le ___ Noël PERE
Letter encl. SASE
Like Burns's 'schemes o' mice an' men' BESTLAID
Like early postcards ONECENT
Like loose soil ERODIBLE
Makes potable, in a way DESALTS
Making redundant FIRING
Medium pace TROT
More level EVENER
Musical composition ARIOSO
Nabokov novel ADA
Clues Answers
Not alfresco INDOOR
Not backing ANTI
Off the mark WIDE
Old 'S.N.L.' name GILDA
One out? ESCAPEE
One who minds HEEDER
One with a successful day on Wall Street GAINER
Open a package, maybe UNTAPE
Order to a C.P.A.? GOFIGURE
Order to a cue card handler? HOLDTHELINE
Order to a D.A. with a hung jury? TRYTRYAGAIN
Order to a longshoreman? GETALOADOFTHIS
Order to a quarterback? TAKEAHIKE
Order to a sloppy senator? CLEANUPYOURACT
Order to a surgeon? CUTITOUT
Order to an art gallery worker? HANGINTHERE
Order to an editor? MARKMYWORDS
Over and done with ENDED
Park, for one AVENUE
Passover breads MATZOS
Pepper, e.g. SGT
Perfect number TEN
Pindar work ODE
Polished SHINED
Prescription for burnout RESTCURE
Primes the pot ANTES
Progress HEADWAY
Puts down DERIDES
Puts up ERECTS
Quirks KINKS
Recover from a drenching DRYOUT
Robert Blake TV series BARETTA
Rock climber SCALER
Sch. type ELEM
Showing a lot of feeling EMOTIVE
Siouan language OMAHA
Small British island AIT
Snake sound SSS
Snaps of the fingers INSTANTS
Soap seller AMWAY
Some dances PROMS
Sonar signal ECHO
Spleen IRE
Sticks together COHERES
Strength: Var. POTENCE
Supermarket employee PRICER
Surgical probe STYLET
Tarzan portrayer ELY
Telecast over RERAN
That Geller feller URI
The Gipper REAGAN
They're on a sched. STNS
Thick locks MANES
Three-legged stand TRIVET
Ticket info, maybe TIER
Time-honored name? LUCE
Transferred the title DEEDED
Troubles BESETS
Up to TIL
Uplifted BUOYED
Use the spade again REDIG
Where to hear 'O patria mia' AIDA
Whole slew of ZILLION
Word with high or hunting SEASON