Universal - Mar 6 2003

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Clues Answers
''Common Sense'' pamphleteer PAINE
''My Fair Lady'' horse race ASCOT
''Sanford and Son'' producer LEAR
''The Republic'' author PLATO
--- a one (zip) NARY
Acrylic fiber ORLON
Aerosol, e.g. SPRAY
All eyes AGOG
Best buddies PALS
Brutish beasts OGRES
Certain aliens in the toy store ETS
Corporate hotshot EXEC
Danson's sitcom portrayal SAM
Detestable LOATHSOME
Downhiller's bump MOGUL
Earthy pigment OCHRE
Effortless EASY
End of 21-down MEX
End of the quip STOPATNOTHING
Expert PRO
Features HAS
Filmmaker Preminger OTTO
Finals preceder SEMI
Gear for a galley OAR
Granola bit OAT
Harrison of ''My Fair Lady'' REX
Harry Belafonte's daughter SHARI
Hit the buzzer? SWAT
Kind of print, briefly LITHO
Latvia's capital RIGA
Leave at the altar JILT
Like some pickings SLIM
London get-togethers TEAS
Madison Avenue honor CLIO
Mao follower? TSE
Med. care group HMO
Move at a good clip TROT
Clues Answers
Not reacting INERT
On Hobbits, they make a point EARS
One of the Siamese twins ENG
One with a vision SEER
One-time Turkish title PASHA
Org. that deals with class issues? PTA
Ostrich relatives of South America RHEAS
Part 2 of the quip THOUGHTALOTOFUS
Photos SHOTS
Place for a nail TOE
Place for a pick AFRO
Potato gadget RICER
Rank above marquis DUKE
Rooftop landing sites HELIPADS
Room at the top ATTIC
RR stop STA
Salmon's progeny SPAWN
Schiaparelli of fashion ELSA
Send more supplies to the troops REFORTIFY
Sojourn STAY
Some claim they're terrible TWOS
Southwestern fare, with 27-across TEX
Spider's parlor invitee FLY
Stage support PROP
Start of a quip about brain power WHENITCOMESTO
Tend to the fire STOKE
Test with blots RORSCHACH
Time going backward? EMIT
To's partner FRO
Tropical malady AGUE
U.S. airline, once TWA
Unidentified ANONYMOUS
Unlikely sighting on Everest YETI
Walkman button EJECT
Washington wheels, often LIMOS
Well-managed resource? WATER
With sarcasm WRYLY
Wouk's ''The Winds of ---'' WAR