New York Times - Mar 6 2003

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Clues Answers
'American ___' IDOL
'Doctor Who' airer BBC
'Not returnable' ASIS
'Vive ___!' LEROI
1998 N.L. M.V.P. SOSA
Allen and Conway TIMS
Andrea Bocelli piece ARIA
Beethoven's birthplace BONN
Bit of a cloud WISP
Catalan painter Joan MIRO
Catlike AGILE
Charmingly odd QUAINT
Chickens WIMPS
Chinese image in a shrine JOSS
Collapsed GAVE
Costa del Sol feature PLAYA
Dessert wine MADEIRA
Director's cry ACTION
Dr. Dre contemporary ICET
Engine type DIESEL
Esprit BRIO
Evening hour SEVEN
Exultation GLEE
Farm pen STY
For grades K through 12 ELHI
French actor Delon ALAIN
From the beginning: Lat. ABOVO
Graff of 'Mr. Belvedere' ILENE
Herbal 'pet' CHIA
In-line skating gear PADS
Japanese game figures POKEMON
Kind of box IDIOT
Latke ingredients ONIONS
Libretti TEXTS
Like a stressful job? MULTITAXING
Like a ___ bricks TONOF
Like gossiping tongues AWAG
Lock maker YALE
Clues Answers
Mother of Castor and Pollux LEDA
Nitrous oxide, e.g. GAS
Obedience school command HEEL
Outlaw's limit? MAXOFZORRO
Penn State branch site ERIE
Petrol purchase LITRE
Pop singer Mann AIMEE
Possible result of bankruptcy SALE
Precept TENET
Press URGE
Prince Edward, e.g. ISLAND
River of Brandenburg ODER
Seat of Marion County, Fla. OCALA
Shake a bit JIGGLE
Sideless wagon DRAY
Sit (down) PLOP
Snake venom, e.g. TOXIN
Some tournaments OPENS
Something to go under ALIAS
Sound heard during a massage AAH
Star bears URSAE
Stun ZAP
Subject for Fermi ATOM
Summon mentally EVOKE
Suppress QUASH
The Phantom of the Opera ERIK
Theda of silents BARA
Through DONE
Unnecessary part FAT
Victim of a drift net PORPOISE
Voters' survey EXITPOLL
Weeds CIGS
What might have a person spinning? WHISKEYFLAX
Wide, in a way SIXLANE
Words from young George Washington? SORRYIAXED
Writer Isak Dinesen, e.g. DANE