New York Times - Oct 11 1997

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Clues Answers
'Entertaining Mr. ___' (Orton play) SLOANE
'I hadn't thought of that' GEE
'I ___ it' DOUBT.
'Our Gang' pooch PETE
'The Chronicles of Clovis' writer SAKI
1987 Steve Martin film ROXANNE
A.A.A. recommendation RTE
Amplified ONMIKE
Barely get, with 'out' EKE
Book before Esth. NEH
By mistake INERROR
Cabinet dept. EDUC
Cain raiser EVE
Campy's field EBBETS
Celebrity RENOWN
Channeled DUCTED
Choice word ELSE
Coffee producer BOLIVIA
Confetti SHREDS
Daytime Emmy actress Rena SOFER
Dietary oil source COD
Directional suffix ERN
First name in rock ELTON
For a song DIRTCHEAP
Former leader of the nonaligned movement TITO
Game with matchsticks NIM
Great success, so to speak HOMERUN
Hole-positioning device CENTERBIT
Hydrocarbon suffix ANE
In need of bleeping UNAIRABLE
It may be lit on the Fourth BONFIRE
It's human TOERR
Jack Kerouac, e.g. BEATNIK
Clues Answers
Kitchen gadgets EGGTIMERS
Laugh syllable HAR
Like a mountain goat BEARDED
Like a victim of calumny SLANDERED
Lose acuity DOTE
Make straight LINEARIZE
Makes spoony ENAMORS
Many lounge combos TRIOS
Medical prefix OSTEO
Midwest Indians OSAGES
Much-debated school subject EBONICS
Not listed above OTHER
Opera heroine who sings 'Einsam in trüben Tagen' ELSA
Original 'Star Trek' actor KOENIG
Outer: Prefix ECT
Patek Philippe competitor ROLEX
Plucker's need TWEEZER
Province west of Madrid AVILA
Puerto ___ RICAN
Puts in order NEATENS.
Responded disrespectfully SNICKERED
San ___ REMO
Scares COWS
Shipping abbr. FOB
Street: Abbr. CRES
Supply with fresh troops REMAN
Tea server URN
Three-time Hart Trophy winner ORR
Tough key for pianists FSHARP
TV exec Arledge ROONE
Utah city OREM
Whisper HINT