Universal - Mar 3 2003

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Clues Answers
''Out you go!'' SCAT
''Peter Pan'' beast CROC
--- New Guinea PAPUA
Analogous AKIN
Aquarium growth ALGA
Aristotle's last letter? OMEGA
Band gear AMPS
Big-mouthed Martha RAYE
Black cat, to some OMEN
Bugged IRKED
Build up, as interest ACCRUE
Card game stake ANTE
Classic clown BOZO
Come to the point? TAPER
Common fertilizer PEAT
Country singer McGraw TIM
Crude group? OPEC
Cry of discovery AHA
Declare openly AVOW
Definition of a bargain, part 1 WHATYOUDONOT
Deprive of water PARCH
Disgraced president NIXON
Dutch oven meal POTROAST
Easy stride LOPE
End of the definition CANNOTRESIST
Engaged in litigation SUING
Expanse of land TRACT
Eye-related OCULAR
Fine lava ASH
Fly the coop ESCAPE
Follows a stage direction ENTERS
Get ready to celebrate, maybe UNCAP
Glitches SNAGS
Goes over again ITERATES
Greet with old-fashioned etiquette RISE
Indira Gandhi garb SARI
Infuriate ENRAGE
It gave Pinocchio away NOSE
Clues Answers
It may be underfoot RUG
Jittery TENSE
Keynesian subj. ECON
Leg up EDGE
Leggy waders HERONS
Majorette's maneuver TWIRL
Make a new law ENACT
Mayan mathematical innovation ZERO
Merrill's range BARITONE
Mo. for turquoise DEC
No longer bursting at the seams? SEWN
One-named rock singer BONO
Parker products PENS
Part 2 of the definition NEEDATAPRICEYOU
Pear variety BOSC
Permit ALLOW
Pilfer MOOCH
Poet Khayyám OMAR
Predecessor of Roger and Pierce SEAN
Prince of Wales, traditionally HEIR
Put forth EXERT
Rich soil LOAM
Roman calendar notation IDES
Roman love poet OVID
Rue Morgue culprit APE
Scalawag ROGUE
Silvery fishes SMELTS
Single-celled reproductive bodies SPORES
Sound of support AYE
Start for a union? IDO
Statement of principles CREDO
Stop for a Bear or Bull OHARE
Surrender formally CEDE
Took credit? OWES
Unusually severe DRACONIC
Wall support STUD
Word with living or dead END
Word with transit or fire RAPID