Irish Times (Crosaire) - Aug 28 2002

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Clues Answers
2 down for Adam and Eve THEFALL
A matter of moment to get an insect into the country IMPORTANT
A pole may have a vessel like this FLAGON
After half a century I'm a crook, due to playing around so lightly LAMBENT
And it's in what's enacted for the little models STATUETTE
At length hits 'ot ELL
By this, by the sound of it, the Church may split in two BISECT
Can you raise what the hitchhiker wants you to do? GIVEALIFT
Did the vessels make 5 down? LINERS
E swears that he's so tired of it WEARINESS
Even in there with the swine they are in the past SEVENTIES
From the swine you get them too small at the end, by the sound of them GRUNTS
Guard the one that'll take the hide off you PEELER
He seems to be such a bloody lump, put something on him CLOTHE
How I go with a slop around in a sorry state APOLOGIES
How nothing turns up over the mixed gins inside LININGS
Clues Answers
How rats get to be at the top of the bill STARTURNS
How silly Lily takes the sheep aback AMARYLLIS
It's a serious blow that one sounds only semi-Irish HALFAGALE
One may make one stripe in church PRIEST
Steers there ATTHEHELM
Symbolically, a CID matter HCL
Tellers and their family make them perhaps RELATIONS
That may get one pickled and 'earty ALE
The kind of ore that would never have been fired at sea ASH
The way, perhaps, to get a Conservative pickled and jumpy SALTATORY
There's a hariy lot of trouble for the plough FURROW
There's nothing difficult in being half-witted with one ton of this SIMPLE
They 6 down while being so entertaining about one HOISTS
They sound as if they've got cold in their chests COFFERS
They'll bloody well suit you HEARTS
This has an august following AUTUMN