Wall Street Journal - Feb 28 2003 - February 28, 2003 - Mixing Business With Pleasure

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Clues Answers
'Casablanca' player RAINS
'In your dreams!' ASIF
'Mark of the Lash' star LARUE
'Spring forward,' e.g. RESET
'Topaz' author URIS
Acct. addition INT
Admiral Zumwalt ELMO
American League division EAST
Ancient region of Afghanistan BACTRIA
Arthurian advisor MERLIN
Babar's wife CELESTE
Base address SIR
Bite one's nails FRET
Blockade SIEGE
Bluejacket TAR
Bottle label amt. RDA
Brewpub offering ALE
Brunch time, perhaps TENAM
Camelot weapon LANCE
Cause for a groan PUN
Chapeau contents TETE
Cheap distribution channels? DISCOUNTCONDUITS
Chemin de fer need SHOE
Chevy vehicle of the 1970s, briefly SNL
Chopper sound WHIRR
Conjuring aids WANDS
Consider DEEM
Cuban coin PESO
Daly of 'Judging Amy' TYNE
Desert Storm carrier HUMVEE
Dickensian first name URIAH
Distinctive flavors TANGS
Do more than wake ROUST
Dot-com businesses, e.g. STARTUPS
Dr. Seuss's 'Horton Hears ___' AWHO
Dress DUDS
Engender BEGET
English cathedral town ELY
Expert in futures? SEER
Fat farm focus SPARETIRE
Flat-bottomed boats DORIES
Fly off the handle ERUPT
Freshening naturally AIRINGOUT
Geometric calculations AREAS
Gershwin heroine BESS
Hardest to see TINIEST
Harper's Bazaar artist ERTE
Hartford symbol ELK
Has the guts DARES
He got in trouble praising Strom TRENT
Head line BROW
Historic caravel NINA
Hold responsible BLAME
Honeybunch DEARIE
Honors formally CITES
In need of calamine BITTEN
In the neighborhood AROUND
Italian city famous for its marble quarries CARRARA
Items taken from dictators? STENONOTES
iTunes runner MAC
JFK visitors SSTS
Junkyard dog CUR
Kindergarten award STAR
Last of the House of Stuart ANNE
Like 60% of mankind ASIAN
Like some lot offerings USED
Clues Answers
Lille buddy AMI
Little League rooter, often PARENT
Loan without a middleman? DIRECTCREDIT
Lodovico calls him a 'Spartan dog' IAGO
Marker CHIT
Marriage announcement BANNS
Maytag's home state IOWA
Mexican divisions ESTADOS
Music's Havens and Sambora RICHIES
Mythical warmonger ARES
No longer the rage PASSE
Noggin BEAN
Number SONG
Old Dodge model ARIES
Once, long ago ERST
Opposing force ENEMY
Paris dumped her for Helen OENONE
Patisserie worker ICER
Pendulum path ARC
Penetrating ACUTE
Person with a title OWNER
Pervasive qualities AURAS
Photo ___ OPS
Pipe bend ELL
Playground denial DIDNOT
Press pass, e.g. IDTAG
Pretentious ARTY
Programmer's output CODE
Province REALM
Put in place SITED
Quest for a mate CHESS
RB's coups TDS
Ready, willing and able EAGER
Rough surf CHOP
Run on the Bank of Jordan? DINARDRAIN
Scholastic stereotype NERD
Setting of the sun SKY
Shakespeare's 'tricksy spirit' ARIEL
Sign of shock GASP
Singer Reeves DEL
Some protests SITINS
Song thrush MAVIS
Sponsor of 'The Amos 'n' Andy Show' RINSO
State moneymaker LOTTO
Stock unit STEER
Subway Series stop SHEA
Suite spot HOTEL
Take a crack at TRY
Take, in a way CHEAT
Tarot suit CUPS
Ted's IRS submissions? TURNERSRETURNS
The Righteous Brothers, e.g. DUO
Think tank goal BIGIDEA
Took out, in a way TREATED
Tumult ADO
Turned over CEDED
TV's 'Peter ___' GUNN
Ukr. was one SSR
Unspoiled spot EDEN
Vacation plan REST
Visibility lessener MIST
Visitor from afar ALIEN
Way to go ROUTE
Weight-watching bankers? SLENDERLENDERS
Wharton grads MBAS
What connected folks have ANIN
What's here THESE
Wish things otherwise RUE
Words from Wordsworth ODE
___ Islands (Guam's group) MARIANA