Irish Times (Crosaire) - Apr 6 2002

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Clues Answers
Be after you in what's in your 14 down PURSUE
Could the nest be really meaning to get so sound as this? EAR
Do you have to pay for somewhere to sit? SETTLE
Does this forbid you to get the medical man round for your pet? VETO
Full in the lists TILT
Go one better, or just not be in it OUTDOOR
Have there been whales and, by the sound of it, been in them? PODS
In 21 down it could be rude - killingly so MURDERS
Is it lighter for the South to get so beastly? SCOW
Is the gent of 1 across, for instance, complaining? PLAN
Is the sot about to address the top of the mountain? SPEAKTO
It turns up in what you have to pay for what you have to do DUTIES
It's important to decide if it's to be buried of cremation GRAVEDECISION
It's left to live around you RESIDUE
It's the usual thing so to see us with Thomas CUSTOM
Mean to get able to be sad MISER
Not a single one, in short MRS
One cooks it, backs it and adds water to it STEW
Seeing that it's the coal around the pit OPTICAL
Clues Answers
Sent with a little in it to make it taste better SWEETEN
Sketch a stretch with the point out DRAWATTENTION
That flows, with thanks to the boy TAGUS
That may be so dense that won't thin it, by the sound of it THICKET
That's from the place we get around the fowl and a hundred more WHENCE
That's the ruddy root of the trouble with your motor CARROT
The artist is just a little seedy MILLET
The band is twisted in the old crone so that she can carry it around HANDBAG
The figures that make a brief for Mary SUM
The French makes the man from Scotland sour LEMON
The guy in this wanted to be a Housebreaker GUNPOWDERPLOT
There's little in it by way of a pound VIAL
There's no more to do, by the sound of it DODO
This may pop up on top CAN
This may pop up to get a flower TOASTER
Tie up her here, or afterwards (6) EITHER
Trat's just got there UPSTART
Was Pa in with a hundred he had? ACHED
When it comes to the nth (3, 2, 3 ,5) ENDOFTHEMONTH