Irish Times (Crosaire) - Feb 21 2001

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Clues Answers
Army work for a month? OCTOPUS
Does a priest provide the equipment for a pest with us? APPARATUS
Does this give one time to get a head down, by the sound of it? SYNCOPATE
First put L on, then put this on, and that would be capital DON
For rent one gets the insects under two over the eight TENANTS
For those confounded people, a place in the North BALLYMENA
Harry may have a surnae that sounds like this HARASS
If you're in it, it's just no go NEUTRAL
Is the river forced to go on ahead? POMADE
It's all according to the sound of one of 9 across at the end of the street STRING
It's all in a month back by name CALLED
It's just no go for 'er, perhaps RETURN
It's most important to get the medicine men to us MOMENTOUS
It's rare to find this less than five hundred and one UNDERDONE
Just as art turns up with the girls for moulding ASTRAGALS
Left it in the former editor EXCITED
Clues Answers
Made one a shade like the start of 14 down ENVIED
Mean-, Mari-, cen-, Pas-, and Irish FIVETIMES
Note that that one is half-brother to the First Lady SEMIBREVE
One cannot agree to this for an offer FORBID
One wants to get to the poles under twelve months YEARNS
Still it's gone bad STAGNATED
That letter from Greece is just a particle of a quark PSI
That'll be showing you just how silly they are to break into song ASSESSING
The doctor will tell you how acid deuterium is PHD
The fow's in the middle of the hock RHENISH
They get drunk ROUNDS
They're not out INTERIORS
To be found in 27 across on father's side AGNATE
What a heavenly body - even if it sounds a bit more overweight! METEOR
What you've got to pay for 9 across, of course GREENFEES
Where to order 9 across is just not out, by the sound of it INN