Irish Times (Crosaire) - May 18 2000

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Clues Answers
''E could follow them as a precaution in America INCAS
A certain number - about a thousand - for the river SOMME
About twice ten, and that''s about the size of it EXTENT
Alter this to make me turn over at last EMEND
Chose to get to work on Edward OPTED
Clean up the little dog POM
Could a Billy have the skills to tease them, by the sound of it ABILITIES
For example, in this position for a strike STANCE
Get the rope through about the First Lady REEVE
Give the bell another ring for change? REPEAL
I get sick of it being fifty-fifty ILL
In view of this, a snake, etc ASPECT
It may make one jealous to be able to see to sink 32 across GREENEYE
Make the longest speech? Absolutley! UTTERMOST
Might the bird sound as if it might put a wave into you? CURLEW
Nudity is not in order here UNTIDY
One might reckon that this might be enough for one silly sister ASSESS
Principles of 33 across THESTARS
Clues Answers
Savings are their forte REDEEMERS
Seems D''s the island that''s seperate and sounds so tactful DISCRETE
Shelley, perhaps, had bits of the crow, that is to say COWRIE
Sounds as if one raised few so horrible as this in the garden GRUESOME
Sounds if this might get ''er on ahead of him MITRE
Sounds like a twisted sort of a crop for the south of England RYE
There''s little for her in France PETITE
They'll get you in motion: same up from the bottom ENEMAS
Times such as these IRISH
To be like this is enough to make you see red OVERDRAWN
To be such a swell, it is in the blood GOITRE
Up in the lough there''s money to be made overseas RUPEE
What is the coup de grace, perhaps, might do, by sound of it MOW
When one sat before the sun came in WEEKENDS
Where it''s nice to see 21 down with your Ma CINEMA
With a broken tin I get married in a friendly sort of way INTIMATE
With great respect, this might be always in the tear REVERENT
You don''t have to drive for this LONGPUTT