New York Times - Jan 25 2003

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Clues Answers
'Barney Miller' set PRECINCT
1960's doo-wop group that was a one-hit wonder, with 'the' EDSELS
August REGAL
Aviator Douglas CORRIGAN
Bagel toppers SESAMES
Captain for Stubb and Fedallah AHAB
Circular diagrams ZODIACS
City near Fort Presque Isle ERIE
Cold sound SNIFFING
Come out ahead GAIN
Concert run? ARPEGGIO
Corrupting influences ULCERS
Crib parts SLATS
Dabblers TEALS
Dark shape near Orion's Belt HORSEHEADNEBULA
Delivery person? MOM
Demand from the House Un-American Activities Committee NAMES
Doc who might become a vet? MEDIC
Early capital of Macedonia EDESSA
Enthusiastic write-up RAVE
Extensive, as a celebration DAYLONG
Family member, affectionately GRAMPS
Forklift burden CRATE
Friendship 7 astronaut GLENN
Got together TEAMEDUP
Hem but not haw SEW
Holy dignitary PRELATE
Hotel room extra COT
In self-contained units MODULAR
It's a godsend MANNA
Japanese noodle dish RAMEN
Jobs offerings MACS
Kind of dealer ARMS
Kingly honoree SIR
Clues Answers
Letters exchanged by employees? TGIF
Like most flowers PETALED
Little hoppers ROOS
Makes manifest DECLARES
Minuscule unit MICRON
Mount ___, scene of the Transfiguration HERMON
Nicholas ___, who wrote 'Wiseguys' PILEGGI
Not nude ENROBED
Old Mercury CAPRI
Out of the can ONPAROLE
Paper holder ATTACHE
Place LAY
Popular cuisine ITALIAN
Possible sexual harassment LEERS
Practical jokes APERIES
Pullover material ORLON
Punjab's capital LAHORE
Qualifier for an observation ASFARASICANTELL
San Francisco tourist attraction ALCATRAZ
Santa ___ ANITA
Santa ___ CLARA
Securer in Japanese dress OBI
Singer who co-starred in 'Joe's Apartment' DONHO
Slips by EVADES
Superb, in British slang TOPHOLE
Thick pin DOWEL
Topsoil of choice LOAM
Toy label launched in 1969 NERF
Transportation cost CARFARE
Trembling with fear TREPID
Under control, in a way LEASHED
Underworld figure CHARON
Whop LAM
Worker with two-masters TAR