Universal - Jan 9 2003

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Clues Answers
"One day ___ all make sense" ITLL
"Well, ___-di-dah" LAH
''Ain't --- Sweet'' SHE
''Beauty is only skin deep,'' e.g. ADAGE
''Carmina Burana'' composer ORFF
''Roots'' writer Haley ALEX
''Sock it ---!'' TOME
Accelerated SPEDUP
Agenda element ITEM
Aid in a felony ABET
Anatomical pouch SAC
Away from the storm ALEE
Baghdad's river TIGRIS
Be obligated OWE
Be perfect for SUITTOATEE
Beer buyer, presumably ADULT
Bibliographical abbr. OPCIT
Blinkers signal them TURNS
Brat's comeback SASS
Brokenhearted TORNUP
Brown-and-white porgy SCUP
Bugs' voice MEL
Bury in a pyramid, e.g. ENTOMB
Buyer's warning ASIS
Buzz-killing MOROSE
Cajun veggie OKRA
Card of a certain suit SPADE
Caribbean cruiser of old PIRATESHIP
Celtic language ERSE
Channel marker BUOY
Check out SEE
Clamor NOISE
Clarinet parts REEDS
Cleared of clutter NEAT
Close by NEAR
Commit a faux pas ERR
Contact site EYE
Container for small toiletries ETUI
Cover with cloth DRAPE
Cut with a certain carpentry gadget JIGSAWED
Divulge TELL
Done, in Dijon FINI
End of the explanation HISOWNSCORE
Ensuing NEXT
Environmentalist group GREENPEACE
Explanation of golf's popularity (Part 1) ITSONEOFTHE
Explosive sound POW
Extinct bird of New Zealand MOA
Extol LAUD
Fairway club IRON
FedEx or fax SEND
Finger painters' protection SMOCKS
Fit for the front page NEWSY
Go it alone SOLO
Help for a paleface ROUGE
Higher than ABOVE
Hoofed grazer ELK
Ill-gotten goods LOOT
In a clever manner ASTUTELY
In the same family RELATED
Instrument for Stan Getz SAX
Intersection CROSSWAY
Island nation of the Pacific FIJI
It might follow snow PEA
Kind of chest or paint WAR
King novel MISERY
Let up ABATE
Like a contortionist AGILE
Like takeout TOGO
Long March leader MAO
Made the grade PASSED
Madeline of ''Blazing Saddles'' KAHN
Males of the species HES
Mil. mail drops APOS
Monsoon occurrences RAINS
Movie genre DRAMA
Clues Answers
Mythical goat-man SATYR
Nabokov novel ADA
Noted "dingbat" EDITHBUNKER
Nuptial agreement IDO
Nyctophobe's fear DARK
Ominous bell sound KNELL
On the ___ (recuperating) MEND
One of Hi and Lois' kids CHIP
Option for the jet set SST
Outcast PARIAH
Part 2 of the explanation FEWSPORTSWHERE
Part 3 of the explanation THEPLAYERKEEPS
Pitcher's success OUT
Plane egresses RAMPS
Plastic used in piping PVC
Police artist's drawing, e.g. ROUGHSKETCH
Policy guru WONK
Prolific patentee EDISON
Quarterback's morning after MONDAY
Quote an authority CITE
Relationship of mutual understanding RAPPORT
Religious artifact ICON
Roadblock requests IDS
Romantic getaways? ELOPEMENTS
Sanction wrongdoing ABET
Sarcastic response DUH
Shade tree ELM
Shakespearean king LEAR
She played Lisa on "Green Acres" EVA
Show a rosy glow FLUSH
Singer Janis IAN
Sixth sense ESP
Small-screen award EMMY
Some deer ROES
Sound of displeasure UGH
Source of annoyance PEST
South American pack animal LLAMA
Spot for an event VENUE
Spotlight grabber HAM
Stand in the studio EASEL
Steak excess FAT
Stench ODOR
Stick out JUT
Stones' Wood RON
Test-driven vehicle DEMO
The whole kit and caboodle ALL
Those involved in a coverup? TILERS
Thundering sound ROAR
Tiny bit IOTA
Tomato product PASTE
Top-selling U.S. cookie OREO
Total wonderment AWE
Trickle DRIP
Type of bag or circus FLEA
Type of bond or compound CHEMICAL
Type of cracker or magnetism ANIMAL
Unlikely to cheat ETHICAL
Upbeat, in music ARSIS
Verse units IAMBI
Vertebral cushion DISC
Vientiane resident LAO
Wall Street type TRADER
Warehoused STOWED
Was an awful security guard SLEPT
Was the host of EMCEED
Waterlogged land FEN
Weightlifting maneuver JERK
What Mark Spitz has done well SWUM
Where flocks frolic LEA
Where Orioles and Cardinals sit DUGOUTS
With great intensity KEENLY
Womb mates TWINS
World's fair EXPO
You can sweat through it PORE
Youngster CHILD
Zoo heavyweight RHINO
___ de corps ESPRIT