Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 11 1998

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Clues Answers
About to be sick, one got married with a cry WAILED
Draw one of the cast to get it in bits PULLAPART
Firewood, perhaps ASH
Have this, perhaps, and you won't make up your mind in the roof RAFTER
How natural to finish 10 across after the hotel INNATE
How the list of duties got round to Edward ROTATED
I just can't wait to see the doctor IMPATIENT
Is it the pals that do it regardless of expense? SLAPUP
Is S weeping for this? P ain't with it BRUSHWORK
It might strike you that that's the way to get her to come to you HIT
It's not the first time one comes to pick the fruit REAPPEARS
It's official in Scotland that I am 25 down to a degree BAILIE
Poetically, perhaps, or the other way round INVERSE
Sounds as if horse took its food to join another body AFFILIATE
Sounds as if I get black - and bright - like this SHINER
Sounds as if it's not wholly intended, and that's flat! APARTMENT
Clues Answers
Stamp and claim to be a reporter? IMPRESS
That makes you more than two down on parade THREEDEEP
That's a French one you could never shake UNNERVE
That's a heavy fall of snow AVALANCHE
That's what a feller does - gets fed up with the stores DEFORESTS
The marsupial with something mammalian at it WOMBAT
The sort of fuss that might get sin back to looking good ADO
There's a lot of it, by the sound of it, under 17 down OUT
There's nothing in the rails for tar SAILOR
They're not the ruddy end, and that's for the birds REDSTARTS
What has to be done before getting the peel off? PREPARING
What one did to make a myth of a girl LISPED
Where you might get us in the invasion INRUSH
While I 14 down I am vegetating AMBUSH
You can't believe it would turn and twist inside UNTRUE