Universal - Jan 2 2003

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Clues Answers
''--- Little Indians'' TEN
''The Spanish Tragedy'' playwright KYD
''There's Something About Mary'' actor Matt DILLON
Archaeologist's find RELIC
Bamboozles CONS
Banded quartz ONYX
Batters' attempts SWINGS
Beer relative STOUT
Best Actor for ''Gladiator'' CROWE
Blunder ERR
Book review? AUDIT
Boundaries SIDES
Capital of Zimbabwe? ZEE
Certifies, as colleges ACCREDITS
Change with the times ADAPT
China's largest river YANGTZE
Cicero, e.g. ROMAN
Commemoratory meal SEDER
Convention goer's ID NAMETAG
Cooped-up female? HEN
Couch potato's essential CABLE
Country on the Arabian Sea OMAN
Crossed the Rubicon, maybe SWAM
Crossing the keel ABEAM
Current event? EDDY
Dance movement STEP
Diametrically opposed POLAR
Edge RIM
Elicit some smiles AMUSE
Endnotes? OBITS
Fine net fabric TULLE
Foreman foe ALI
Greta Garbo, for one SWEDE
It'll help turn up a plot HOE
Kennel club reject MUTT
Like a couch potato SEDENTARY
Clues Answers
Like Sadie of song SEXY
Lose big time TAKEABATH
Med. provider HMO
None of the above OTHER
Nuisance for Santa ASH
Nutcase LOON
Of Nordic stock ARYAN
Old-time anesthetic ETHER
Olfactory lure AROMA
Park pavilion GAZEBO
Part of a long sentence AND
Pentagon worry ENEMY
Peruvian capital LIMA
Pour out one's woes UNLOAD
Qualifying for sumo OBESE
Radio, TV, etc. MEDIA
Real man? MCCOY
Reluctant LOATH
Robust LUSTY
Romantic duo ITEM
Space occupier PLANET
Stares in surprise GAPES
Steven Spielberg openings? ESSES
Substantive MEATY
Surfer's concern TIDES
Target of certain fees USER
Tarzan's protector APE
Tea quantity, so they sing TWO
Team races RELAYS
Tip of a wing tip TOE
Tit for tat, maybe? TYPO
Tortuous path MAZE
Turn down the lights DIM
Tyne of ''Judging Amy'' DALY
U.S. rights defender ACLU
Used to own HAD
Wetland MARSH