Universal - Dec 23 2002

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Clues Answers
''--- out?'' (dealer's query) INOR
''Giant'' writer Ferber EDNA
''Honest!'' NOLIE
''My fault!'' SORRY
''This thing weighs ---!'' ATON
''Unfaithful'' Richard GERE
''Yikes!'' EGAD
--- fixe (obsession) IDEE
A lake, from a hotel room VIEW
Absolute elation BLISS
Answer to a charge PLEA
Band box? AMP
Baptistery item FONT
Capital of Turkey ANKARA
Chisel feature EDGE
Circus barker SEAL
Clergyman's closetful ALBS
Clutter-free NEAT
Cold War power USSR
Cookie often eaten inside-out OREO
Dark suit CLUBS
Do the math ADD
Early stage ONSET
Elegantly stylish CLASSY
Ernie of the PGA ELS
Exodus commemoration feast SEDER
Filly's mom MARE
Franklin and Vereen BENS
George W. to George SON
Greek war god ARES
Handicapped criminals? ONEARMEDBANDITS
Happening EVENT
High in the sky ALOFT
In need of a jacket CHILLY
Informed about UPON
Initial lunch order BLT
Irritable TESTY
Clues Answers
It may be hidden AGENDA
It's fit to be tied ROPE
It's sometimes jerked SODA
Joule part ERG
Least varying tide NEAP
Left-over of Pandora's box HOPE
Lift on the slopes TBAR
Light bulb, in comics IDEA
Mall stand KIOSK
Matured, like wine AGED
Mimic APER
Mississippi restraint LEVEE
NASA thumbs-up AOK
Nightingale, for one NURSE
Nursery fixture CRIB
Offshore hazard REEF
Park in Colorado ESTES
Phi follower CHI
Powerful people MAGNATES
Prompter's activity CUING
Run the meeting CHAIR
Salami city GENOA
Soft end of the Mohs scale TALC
Son of Japheth TUBAL
Sport for behemoths SUMO
Start to malfunction ACTUP
Stimulating quaff PEKOETEA
Strong wind GALE
Sylvester, to Tweety TAT
Title for a Romanov TSAR
Took a heavy step TROD
Track act BET
Tuesday the actress WELD
Ultimatum ender ELSE
Unit of power WATT
Virus carrier, sometimes EMAIL
Walked in the water WADED
Winter wrap SCARF
Word with star or ranger LONE