Universal - Dec 3 2002

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Clues Answers
''Is that all right?'' OKAY
--- fixe IDEE
Andes settler INCA
Andrew Lloyd Webber subject EVA
Anthroponym NAME
Arctic feature ICECAP
Atoll enclosure LAGOON
Babe that's famous RUTH
Bargain bed provider YOUTHHOSTEL
Baring all NUDE
Be a couch potato LAZE
Bovine beasts OXEN
Bridge support TRESTLE
Church area APSE
Church collections TITHES
Cinch SNAP
Clueless LOST
Cut, as prices SLASH
Enthusiastic thumbs up RAVE
Filling desserts? PIES
Four-footed fathers SIRES
Futurists SEERS
Game before the finals SEMI
Gourmand's main course ENTREE
Great expectations HIGHHOPES
Green, in a way NAIVE
Hawk's haven EYRIE
In command of OVER
It may connect a limb to a branch TALON
Kind of garments OUTER
Knight ride STEED
Large fair EXPO
Lowly laborers PEONS
Lucille's better half DESI
Magician's word HOCUS
Make use of boots SLOSH
Makes impure TAINTS
Meathead's tormenter ARCHIE
Clues Answers
Missing a few marbles LOOPY
More than a coffee break LUNCHHOUR
Mormon Tabernacle highlight ORGAN
Not quite a circle OVAL
Orchestra member ENGLISHHORN
Part of Madame Butterfly's costume OBI
Part of UCLA LOS
Perched on ATOP
Place for future purchases CART
Plain to see OVERT
Prima donna Maria CALLAS
Reasons for a rubdown ACHES
Reduce by fifty percent HALVE
Reject contemptuously SPURN
River through Nubia NILE
Role for Liz CLEO
Salon supplies DYES
Self-centeredness EGOISM
Shamu, for one ORCA
Shaq's suits LONGS
Shortly, to the Bard ANON
Sized-up visually EYED
Sulfur attribute ODOR
Sweater opening ARMHOLE
Tag info SIZE
Termagants NAGS
The in crowd HAVES
They catch waves EARS
Thingamajig DOODAD
Tom Joad, for one OKIE
Tool with punch? AWL
Tribe of the Iroquois League SENECA
Trunk with tangled roots? TORSO
U.S. green card distributor INS
Ultimate NTH
Violation, as of privileges ABUSE
Water in this puzzle HTWOO
Wax-packed cheese GOUDA
Woody's kid ARLO