Universal - Nov 22 2002

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Clues Answers
--- in comparison PALED
A farewell remark ADIEU
Accomplishments DEEDS
Actors Harris and Norton EDS
All hands on deck? CREW
Beauty's partner BEAST
Biblical birthright seller ESAU
Cake feature LAYER
Capek play RUR
Caribbean conjuring VOODOO
Celebratory poem ODE
Cement-finisher's tool TROWEL
CIA predecessor OSS
Coal scuttle HOD
Composition of some sheets ICE
Correspond, grammatically AGREE
Extinguish, as a flame DOUSE
Fashionably old-fashioned RETRO
Fay of ''King Kong'' fame WRAY
Fertilizer component NITER
Folder attachment TAB
Gaelic tongue ERSE
Grp. headquartered in Brussels NATO
House of Lords member NOBLE
Industrious sorts DOERS
It's dropped in a slot TOKEN
Kind of file NAIL
Lamb's kin EWE
Large numbers SLEWS
Las Vegas game FARO
Letter opener DEAR
Like Jimi Hendrix's lady FOXY
Long-armed ape ORANG
Lowerclassmen? RIFFRAFF
Memorable period ERA
Moises at the bat ALOU
Clues Answers
Monty Python regular (with 57-Down) ERIC
Pelvic bones ILIA
Phrase of commitment IDO
Place buzzing with activity HIVE
Preminger the filmmaker OTTO
Proven otherwise ISNT
Public art show EXPO
Pull out, poker style FOLD
Put on weight GAINED
Reddish yellow OCHRE
Replenish FILL
River crosser RAFT
Rome's famed fountain TREVI
Russian country house DACHA
Scandinavian capital OSLO
See 61-Across IDLE
She's married ... with ni–os MADRE
Smidgen TAD
Spectacle SIGHT
Sprinter's terminus TAPE
Stacked PILED
Sticks to BONDS
Strands in a cell? DNA
Surfer's swell WAVE
Swabby TAR
The night's thousand EYES
They go on and off highways RAMPS
Thomas of clocks SETH
Tiller follower SEEDER
Tolled RANG
Trolley sound CLANG
Ump's decision OUT
Unnatural, as hair DYED
Very, musically speaking ASSAI
View points? TERRACES
Water source TAP
Whittle away ERODE
Word whiz Webster NOAH
Xis' predecessors NUS