New York Times - Nov 20 2002

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Clues Answers
'Hurray for me!' IDIDIT
'Stop right there!' WHOA
'Tell ___ story' MEA
'This will ___ further' GONO
Abreast of UPON
Activity for 41-Across BRAGGADOCIO
Activity for 41-Across JACTITATION
Activity for 41-Across FANFARONADE
Activity for 41-Across RODOMONTADE
Actress Dash of 'Clueless' STACEY
Autobahn autos BMWS
Be next to ABUT
Beyond what's expected MORESO
Big times ERAS
Bird that perches with its tail straight up WREN
Breeze (through) SAIL
Cabinet dept. AGR
Camera settings FSTOPS
Cancel ANNUL
Carpenters and harvesters ANTS
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr. HRE
Circle in a winner's circle WREATH
Collision sound BAM
Couple in a column ITEM
Cover when wet RAINHAT
Day spa attire ROBE
Downturn DIP
Dublin's home EIRE
Dumbfounded AMAZED
Fishing equipment REEL
Fishing equipment RODS
Flight board abbr. ARR
Fringe benefit PERK
Genetic surprise MUTANT
Globe plotter IAGO
Gluck's '___ ed Euridice' ORFEO
Hammer in oil ARMAND
Hardly macho FEY
Clues Answers
Have a yen (for) HANKER
Home run swatter Williams TED
Hustle or bustle ADO
It doesn't go full circle ARC
Large or small, grammatically: Abbr. ADJ
Leg up BOOST
Love, in Lima AMOR
Makes a record of ENTERS
Marching band staple TUBA
Memo opener INRE
New Deal letters NRA
News inits. beginning in 1958 UPI
Nigerian capital before Abuja LAGOS
Numbskull BOOB
Oil of ___ OLAY
Pigpens STIES
Plane's distance recording device AIRLOG
Polish film, e.g. EDIT
Popular pasta ZITI
Prevent DETER
Put in stitches KNIT
Rain in Spain collector EBRO
Roar of approval OLE
Scolding syllable TUT
Small drawers? UNDIES
Stroke of the pen? SERIF
Subject of this puzzle BOASTER
The ___ Report (upscale magazine) ROBB
Three-time Indy winner Wilbur ___, who introduced the crash helmet SHAW
Try out TEST
Venusians and others, for short ETS
Wall St. trading group NYSE
Wanted letters AKA
What a 41-Across does best TOOTSHISOWNHORN
Wine county NAPA
___ Grande RIO