New York Times - Nov 18 2002

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Clues Answers
'So ___!' ('Me, too!') AMI
Sales at a box office, slangily TIX
Salt Lake City zone: Abbr. MST
Salvador lead-in SAN
Sandusky's lake ERIE
Saying before a big drink BOTTOMSUP
Scattershot HITORMISS
Schedule abbr. for cable viewers SHO
School grad ALUM
Sci-fi film of 1984 STARMAN
Screenwriter/novelist Roald DAHL
Searches for prey PROWLS
See 4-Down AOL
Serious fan ZEALOT
Setting of a fire maliciously ARSON
Sex ___ APPEAL
Sgts. and lts. get mail at them APOS
Show hosts, for short MCS
Sign ___ (accept, as a program) ONTO
Signs, as a contract INKS
Simple adding devices ABACI
Sink, as the sun SET
Six o'clock broadcast NEWS
Sixth sense ESP
Sizable zoo animals HIPPOS
Skyward ALOFT
Slightly, in music POCO
Sling HURL
Slow down SLACKEN
Smeltery input ORE
Smidgens, as of cream DABS
Smog relative SMAZE
Soccer star Mia HAMM
Social blunder GAFFE
Solemn wedding words IDO
Some advanced degs. MAS
Some easy baskets TIPINS
Some payments are made thus INCASH
Sonar sounds BEEPS
Clues Answers
Song from the past OLDIE
Song of praise HYMN
Sorceress of myth MEDEA
Sorority letter CHI
Sort of way to run AMUCK
Sounds of disappointment AWS
Sports org. with a March tourney NCAA
Srta., in France MLLE
Stage name ALIAS
Stake money (on) BET
Starring role in a Menotti opera AMAHL
Start over REDO
State in NE India ASSAM
Stay (clear of) STEER
Step into ENTER
Steve ___, founder of 6-Down CASE
Stirs ADOS
Storage building SHED
Stout detective Nero ___ WOLFE
Straight ___ arrow ASAN
Strangelove or Kildare DOCTOR
Strasbourg article LES
Stressed out ONEDGE
Student's book TEXT
Stylish Oldsmobile ALERO
Subaru Impreza, e.g. SEDAN
Suit to the circumstances ADAPT
Sundance Kid's partner, ___ Cassidy BUTCH
Supposing that IFSO
Surf serving #1 SEASCALLOPS
Surf serving #2 SHRIMPSCAMPI
Surf serving #3 SMOKEDSALMON
Surf serving #4 STUFFEDSOLE
Swamp FEN
Swimming pool site, for short YMCA
Switchboard worker: Abbr. OPER
Symbol in proofreading STET
Synthetic fiber ORLON