Wall Street Journal - Nov 8 2002 - November 8, 2002 - British Deflation

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Clues Answers
'...there is ___ but ignorance': Marlowe NOSIN
'Impressive!' OOH
'La Vie en Rose' singer PIAF
'No way!' CANTBE
'So's ___ old man!' YER
'The Crying Game' actor REA
'Toy Story' dinosaur REX
'___ your call' ITS
'¿Cómo ___ usted?' ESTA
Addition ANNEX
Afterthoughts at the roundup? RANCHANDS
Appear imminent LOOM
Arles article UNE
Babysitters' banes BRATS
Bad thing to eat CROW
Bass shipment for a boss? ALETOTHECHIEF
Benevolent witchcraft WICCA
Big sport's offer ONME
Bloke CHAP
Brillo rival SOS
Bull in a china shop? ARTBREAKER
Capitol employee AIDE
Cheri of 'Saturday Night Live' OTERI
Chiang ___-shek KAI
City of Macedonia EDESSA
Claiming word DIBS
Classmate of Ron and Hermione HARRY
Colony member NUDIST
Compatible AKIN
Computer button RESET
Corn syrup brand KARO
Cutlass full of crates? CARGOOLDS
Deck covers STAINS
Desk tray item CLIP
Dinghy features OARLOCKS
Directional suffix ERN
Discharge SPEW
Doesn't discard REUSES
Drops in the ocean SINKS
Each partner EVERY
Emmy-winning Arthur BEA
Endangered whale SEI
Essential ___ acids AMINO
Even (with) ONAPAR
Examine again, as a patient RESEE
Exasperated FEDUP
Fairly late NEWISH
Fall bloomers ASTERS
Father of the historical novel SCOTT
Femme friend AMIE
Film buy ROLL
Fire proof ASH
Fishermen who believe? FAITHEELERS
Forbidden act NONO
General address SIR
Gets quick cash for HOCKS
Greek peak OSSA
Guitar sound TWANG
Hard to pick up LEADEN
Harmony SYNC
Home of the Atlas Mts. AFR
Key ingredient IVORY
Kind of store TENCENT
King Priam's son TROILUS
Land development? CAMERA
Learn about HEAROF
Let up EASED
Like the Ger. 'der' MASC
Linen source FLAX
Clues Answers
Loathsome ODIOUS
Locales for mice PADS
Loyalty TROTH
Luke of Charlie Chan films KEYE
Management subject STRESS
Manners of moving GAITS
Many June babies GEMINIS
Martini partner ROSSI
McMahon's diet, ostensibly? EDSHRINKER
Mich. neighbor ONT
Mollifies PLACATES
Monster's nickname NESSIE
More than deck KAYO
Mountaineer with the flu? ILLCLIMBER
Mythological trickster LOKI
Nabokov novel ADA
Name in Virginia politics ROBB
Night vision DREAM
Norman's home: Abbr. OKLA
Not to FRO
Nut filler BOLT
Oater fellow COWPOKE
OED entry SYN
One of a sailing trio PINTA
Ones in suits? ACES
Org. with an oft-quoted journal AMA
Pauses RESTS
Peeling potatoes, perhaps ONKP
Plus-size supermodel EMME
Pool path LANE
Posts, studs, etc.? EARRINGTHINGS
Potsdam pronoun SIE
Preparing to drive TEEING
Printed matter TYPE
Put under SEDATE
Real long spell EON
Refrain from naughtiness BEHAVE
Remote locale? SOFA
Scout leader? TONTO
Secret target? ODOR
Self starter? HER
Senate dress TOGA
Sexy, in a way LACY
Site of many hammers PIANO
Skin, in combinations DERM
Spill the beans BLAB
State Farm competitor AETNA
Summarize RECAP
Swear words OATHS
Toadies' words YESES
Totally unscathed SCOTFREE
Trading place: Abbr. EXCH
Upper hand EDGE
Vatican vestment ALB
Voting group BLOC
Weather map marking LOW
Welcomes warmly ASKSIN
Where golfer Ernie gets hot? ELSKITCHEN
Whip up CREATE
Winter blanket SNOW
Wonder output LOAVES
Word for the '90s GOGO
Words of wisdom ADAGES
___ kwon do TAE