- Aug 16 2011

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Clues Answers
''Turn it up, please!'' LOUDER
''You got that right'' SOTRUE
A third of tri- UNI
Adam's garden EDEN
Algebra or arithmetic MATH
An equal number of ASMANY
Armored vehicles TANKS
Basic natures ESSENCES
Beach headgear SUNHAT
Bend in the middle SAG
Billiards triangle RACK
Birth-certificate info DATE
Bradstreet's business partner DUN
Bring to the supper table SERVE
Call a halt to END
Car transmission that ''pulls'' FRONTWHEELDRIVE
Central New York city UTICA
Chose, with В“for" OPTED
Cook's seasoning SPICE
Dryly humorous WRY
Emerald Isle ERIN
Ending for dinner or soft WARE
Ending for kitchen ETTE
Feel sore ACHE
Fire-department head CHIEF
Flower stalk STEM
Gas-pump number OCTANE
Give the cold shoulder to SHUN
Greek cheese FETA
HS jr.'s exam PSAT
In a furtive way SLYLY
Incoming-plane stats. ETAS
Inexperienced with NEWAT
Intellect MIND
Kitchen appliance OVEN
Less warm CHILLIER
Like neglected furniture DUSTY
Listen HEAR
Clues Answers
Living dangerously PLAYINGWITHFIRE
Made a rip in TORE
Make revisions to EDIT
Makes simpler EASES
Meat inspection agcy. USDA
Music-staff symbol CLEF
Nebraska city OMAHA
Not __ many words INSO
Oil cartel initials OPEC
Paper clip, e.g. FASTENER
Pastry with a hole DOUGHNUT
Perform better than OUTDO
Persuade gently COAX
Physician's nickname DOC
Popular supper time SIXPM
Prefix meaning В“against" ANTI
Red Cross founder Barton CLARA
River-bank deposit SILT
School transport BUS
Shower alternative BATH
Slice of history ERA
Sprinter's event HUNDREDYARDDASH
Stay away from AVOID
Talk back to SASS
Tex-Mex treat TACO
The beginning DAYONE
Throw in ADD
Took a photo of SHOT
Triumphant cry IWIN
Ultimatum ender ELSE
Unspoken but implied TACIT
Used a stool SAT
Villain's look SNEER
Window glass PANE
Wyatt of the Old West EARP
__ hand (assist) LENDA
В“Billy" beast GOAT