Boston Globe - Aug 14 2011

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Clues Answers
'Bone' combiner OSTEO
'Don't delay!' HURRY
'Self' starter AUTO
58-Down, in France EAU
Adequate, informally ENUF
Almost no gas? FUMES
Aquarium contents WATER
Art Deco designer ERTE
At any time EVER
Audi alternatives BMWS
Base for Canadian hams? HOTELQUEBEC
Be derived STEM
Benedict III's predecessor LEOIV
Berry of `Bulworth` HALLE
Bill of rockabilly HALEY
Billions of years EONS
Binder for luthiers GLUE
Blood component SERUM
Boston restaurateur Joyce CHEN
Branch of Islam SHIA
Brass constituent ZINC
Bret who wrote HARTE
Buckminster Fuller's `__ to Be a Verb` ISEEM
By way of VIA
Cap-__ (head to foot) APIE
Chase in baseball UTLEY
Continues KEEPSON
Corrupting influences DEBASERS
Cosmonaut Gagarin YURI
Curling team captain SKIP
Cyberspace for stewed hams? WHISKEYWHISKEYWHISKEY
Decent pot for a Hollywood bash? OSCARKILO
Did a pirouette SPUN
Dilettantish ARTY
Dreamscape artist DALI
Early action figure GIJOE
Earth-orbiting chimp ENOS
Eddic language NORSE
Eight furlongs ONEMILE
Exciting to watch DYNAMIC
Extreme diets FASTS
Fantasy DREAM
Flavor by soaking INFUSE
Folding words IMOUT
Formative SEMINAL
Former Vegas casino SANDS
French Open champ 1990-92 SELES
From A to Z FULLY
Furniture chain IKEA
Gave a tongue-lashing YELLEDAT
Goose eggs ZEROS
Graze area? PASTURE
Grazing sea mammals DUGONGS
Grilling style BARBQ
Guzzle CHUG
Habitat for aquanauts SEALAB
Hair goo for men POMATUM
Ham collegian's fall outfit? NOVEMBERYANKEEUNIFORM
Ham doctor's order for heartbreak? ROMEOXRAY
Ham radio host of lovesick blues? DELTAJULIET
Ham's weekend plans abroad? TANGOGOLFINDIAFOXTROT
Haze over BEFOG
Home to some Sargents TATE
Honshu metropolis OSAKA
Hoyt of country music AXTON
Land amid 13-Down ILE
Lawyer's 'concerning' INRE
Lay to rest INTER
Madame Curie MARIE
Clues Answers
Mama rabbits DOES
Misgiving UNEASE
Mononymic Italian model FABIO
Name linked with Lennon ONO
Name on a Queens stadium ASHE
Nephew of Ishmael ESAU
New Age institute ESALEN
Nicholson title role HOFFA
Noggins DOMES
Norah's sitar-playing dad RAVI
Not exactly bright INANE
Not handwritten TYPED
Novel set in Tahiti OMOO
Off course ASTRAY
Old Mac laptop IBOOK
Orlando theme park EPCOT
Overdo the curiosity PRY
Owners' papers DEEDS
Paltry MERE
Paraffin-free, as fruit UNWAXED
Parent of PayPal EBAY
Pesky-sounding DC team NATS
Piece for a pair DUET
Plum tomato type ROMA
Popular apple FUJI
Posterior HIND
Prepare to drive TEEUP
Publicity INK
Put on the payroll HIRED
Quarry for Ness CAPONE
Quench SATE
Reasons for overtime TIES
Reveille player BUGLE
Ritzy properties ESTATES
Rooster, in Rome GALLO
Running shoe brand AVIA
Rust, for one OXIDE
Seaweeds, et al. ALGAE
See 51-Across LAINE
Shrek creator William STEIG
Similar ALIKE
Slate-cleaning acts ERASURES
Slithered EELED
Spanish omelet need HUEVO
Speaker in the Hall TRIS
Spin-off procedural CSIMIAMI
Square rigger's spar YARD
Swamp cypress feature KNEE
Takes advantage of USES
Thwacks BIFFS
Title name for a fish WANDA
Tobacco ad claim LESSTAR
Totem-carving tribe HAIDA
Toy romantically FLIRT
Tufts mascot JUMBO
Variety of Arabic TUNISIAN
Volcanic Aleutian island ATKA
Wiped out EXPUNGED
With 43-Down, jazz singer CLEO
Words heeded by Alice EATME
Writing assignment THEME
Yiddish wail OYVEY
`Cafe` additive LAIT
`Le Fifre` painter MANET
`Man on Wire` subject Philippe PETIT
`Riverdance` composer Bill WHELAN
`Slacker` setting AUSTIN