Jonesin Crosswords - Mar 25 2010

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Clues Answers
'Akeelah and the ___' BEE
'At Last' singer James and namesakes ETTAS
'Bless you' preceder ACHOO
'My Name Is ___' EARL
'Not gonna happen' UHUH
'Schoolhouse Rock' magic number THREE
'Star Trek' role SULU
'The ___ Runner' KITE
'Unwrapped' host Summers MARC
'We all ___ little mad sometimes' (quote from 'Psycho') GOA
'Well, ___-di-dah!' LAH
'Who, me?' response YESYOU
'___ and Abner' (old radio comedy) LUM
'___ and the Night Visitors' AMAHL
'___ boy!' ATTA
'___ Few Dollars More' FORA
'___ you insane?!' ARE
1998 Edwin McCain hit ILLBE
Actress in 1997's 'Jackie Brown'* BRIDGETFONDA
Addis ___, Ethiopia ABABA
Allow to pass LETBY
Appetizer of bread, tomatoes and olive oil* BRUSCHETTA
Armenia, once: abbr. SSR
Beatnik's assent IDIG
Big paper, for short NYT
Big-eyed bird EMU
Burt Reynolds co-star DeLuise DOM
Buster? NARC
Celeb couple in tabloids* BRANGELINA
Cereal aisle ingredients BRANS
Church council SYNOD
Co. whose mascot is Nipper RCA
Constricting snake BOA
Cry convulsively SOB
D.C. clock setting EDT
Depilatory brand NEET
Dies down EBBS
Ellen DeGeneres's role in 'Finding Nemo' DORY
Clues Answers
Exile island ELBA
Fastest Finger options on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' ABCORD
Fill to excess SATE
Former New York congressman Eric in a March 2010 scandal MASSA
Gold purity unit KARAT
Grenoble goodbyes ADIEUS
Half of 62-across PITT
Handshake alternative FISTBUMP
He followed George BARACK
Hides in the shadows LURKS
Hotel postings RATES
Kings of ___ LEON
Long times to wait EONS
Mary-Kate, to Ashley TWINSISTER
Meal with fries and a drink COMBO
Morning brew* BREAKFASTTEA
Most common word in English THE
Nice wheels LIMO
Nine-digit IDs SSNS
Peak ___ OIL
Potting need SOIL
Present add-ons BOWS
Scrooge's word BAH
Seafood restaurant cover LOBSTERBIB
Sound like a heavy smoker RASP
Stuck firmly with one's opinion STOODPAT
Super ending? IOR
Taint MAR
Take advantage of the buffet FEAST
The largest share ALL
Toothpaste holder TUBE
Totally uncool LAME
Traditional cloth dyeing technique BATIK
Wading bird in hieroglyphics IBIS
Where the 2010 Winter Olympics was held* BRITISHCOLUMBIA
___ B'rith BNAI
___ God (natural disaster) ACTOF