Jonesin Crosswords - Mar 4 2010

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Clues Answers
'I won't ___ guy who doesn't own a toolbox' (Kristy Swanson quote) DATEA
'Just chill, OK?' BECOOL
'Spider Kiss' author Ellison HARLAN
'___ be easy' ITLL
'___'Clock Jump' (Count Basie song) ONEO
2016 Olympics site RIO
Acronym used a lot by Rachael Ray EVOO
Actress Turner LANA
Aptly-titled 2009 Michael Jackson documentary THISISIT
Badminton divider NET
Bar mitzvah dance HORA
Biblical prophet ISAIAH
Blue litmus indicator ALKALI
Brunch dish OMELETTE
Chips to play ANTE
Chris Cuomo's former show, for short GMA
Classical architecture style IONIC
Clumsy oaf BIGAPE
Crossword editor Will Shortz's paper, for short NYT
Curtis of 'A Fish Called Wanda' JAMIELEE
Daredevil Knievel EVEL
Director Reitman IVAN
Drowsy DOZY
Eeyore's pal POOH
Electronic device ADAPTER
Energizing, with 'up' AMPING
Euro follower? PEAN
Ex-UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-___ GHALI
Ex-UN Secretary-General U ___ THANT
Fetal position? WOMB
Fish and chips fish COD
Fox comedy with Jane Lynch GLEE
Green living prefix ECO
Guilty pleasures VICES
Heavy falling sound THUD
Impressionist painter Mary CASSATT
Clues Answers
In a wholly absorbed way RAPTLY
Its cause is what rocket scientist Robert Truax predicted would be found and corrected by 2010 AGING
Lamb's mom EWE
Mah-jongg pieces TILES
Malaria-carrying fly TSETSE
Manned space mission that gets carried out in the 1984 movie '2010' FLIGHTTOJUPITER
Naval officer ENSIGN
Old party WHIG
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
Online world where people live and pay taxes in 2010, according to Tom Clancy's 'Net Force' series CYBERNATION
Panama currency named for an explorer BALBOAS
Pertaining to pee URETIC
Peyton Manning's brother ELI
Phil of poker IVEY
Place for a manicure and seaweed wrap DAYSPA
Prof's helpers TAS
Run-down abode HOVEL
Sedan named for an Italian city MILAN
Silent ___ (presidential nickname) CAL
Singer Newton-John OLIVIA
Sitcom with a famous Turkey Drop episode WKRP
Sore from walking BLISTER
Spy planes of the '60s UTWOS
Studio feedback REVERB
The 'Big Board,' on Wall Street NYSE
They're shorter than LPs EPS
Three in Torino TRE
Verdugo of 'Marcus Welby, M.D.' ELENA
Villain's evil laugh MWAHAHA
Visually finds ESPIES
What writer Malcolm Peltu predicted could 'cross a busy highway without being hit' by 2010 ROBOT
Winston Churchill's niece (and no, she never went door-to-door) LADYAVON
With 'The,' country that's already a U.S. state by 2010, in the 1968 novel 'Stand on Zanzibar' PHILIPPINES
Written agreement COVENANT