Jonesin Crosswords - Jul 9 2009

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Clues Answers
'1234' singer FEIST
'Born Free' figure ELSATHELIONESS
'Dancing with the Stars' judge Goodman LEN
'Design on a Dime' channel HGTV
'Fringe' star Anna TORV
'I love,' in Latin AMO
'My Life in Ruins' actress Vardalos NIA
'The Phantom of the Opera' novelist Gaston LEROUX
'Tsk tsk!' SHAME
'What ___ supposed to say?' AMI
'___ dat' ('agreed') TRU
Actor McKellen of 'The Da Vinci Code' IAN
Antwerp International Airport's code on luggage tags ANR
Arkansas real estate group under scrutiny in the Whitewater investigations IDC
Attractions that may cause dizziness CARNIVALRIDES
Average poker hand ONEPAIR
Blood cell deficiency that may cause dizziness ANEMIA
Boss Hogg's deputy ENOS
Bottom-of-page abbr. PTO
Brass with a reed SAX
Campus that's about an hr. from Concord UNH
Capt.'s inferior LIEUT
Charity orgs., maybe ASSNS
Clearblue Easy competitor EPT
Condition once called 'shell shock,' for short PTSD
Difficult situations HORNETSNESTS
Digital camera variety, for short SLR
Diner where 'Alice' took place MELS
Dose of what you desire FIX
Drink that may make you dizzy CHAMPAGNE
Egg shapes OVALS
German river SAAR
Give off EMIT
Go quickly HIE
Clues Answers
Hitchcock movie that may make you dizzy VERTIGO
Horse hair MANE
Kids' activity that causes dizziness SPINNINGAROUND
L.A. County shore area MALIBUBEACH
Liqueur found in a grasshopper CREMEDEMENTHE
Low-cost synthesizer brand CASIO
Lucy of 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1' LIU
Most healthy SOUNDEST
Multipurpose doc, for short ENT
Napkin spot LAP
Nonunion quartet? ENS
Original publisher of the 'For Dummies' book series IDG
Pauses before acting HESITATES
Performing arts library abbr. MUS
Sewing gathering BEE
Some shirt sizes: abbr. LGS
Songwriter-husband of Minnie Riperton and father of 'SNL' alum Maya RICHARDRUDOLPH
Spike TV, formerly TNN
Stanley Cup org. NHL
Start of the Hebrew alphabet ALEPH
Submariner watch maker ROLEX
Suit to ___ ATEE
Surgery site located on a Florida campus, for short UMH
Tall apartment building HIGHRISE
They make you dizzy while redecorating a room PAINTFUMES
Tough Tolkien creatures ORCS
Traveling that may make you dizzy SAILINGTHESEAS
TV recording device DVR
Uno plus uno plus uno TRE
Wager BET
Where a Cockney wears his 'at EAD
Yell on the links FORE
___ number on DOA