Jonesin Crosswords - Mar 26 2009

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Clues Answers
'I'm ___ your tricks!' ONTO
'Previously loved' USED
'The Prophet' author Gibran: var. KHALIL
'___ #1!' WERE
'___ a hug!' INEED
'___ gut' ('very well,' in German) SEHR
'___ Written' (Nas album) ITWAS
2006 dystopian film with Keanu Reeves ASCANNERDARKLY
A night out at a restaurant, perhaps DINNERDATE
Actor Busey GARY
Actor Mark of 'The Full Monty' ADDY
Anti-itch skin care brand AVEENO
AP rival UPI
Author Zora ___ Hurston NEALE
Bahamas district where Hemingway lived for two years BIMINI
Barrett of Pink Floyd SYD
Blotter material LSD
Boneheadedness IDIOCY
Cobra ___ (bad guys' dojo in 'The Karate Kid') KAI
Cow's mouthful CUD
Cried WEPT
Curling units REPS
Dentist's deg. DMD
Designer for Jackie OLEG
Disputed inventor of baseball ABNERDOUBLEDAY
Dropout's certification GED
Dwight Gooden's 'medical' nickname DRK
Early punk rock band with the song 'Never Been in a Riot,' with 'the' MEKONS
East ___ (island nation in 2000s news) TIMOR
General ___ chicken TSOS
Gossip DIRT
Grenoble goodbyes ADIEUS
Hallow end EEN
He's officially back with Barbie as of February 2009 KEN
High time? NOON
It can give some people a headache ICECREAM
Clues Answers
It may be impending DOOM
It may read 'Add 2-3 inches in 3 weeks!' SPAM
King canine CUJO
Label on many asses in 1980s fashion JORDACHE
Like old tires BALD
Like this clue DOWN
Makes a big deal out of BOASTS
MDMA and 'The Clear,' to some DESIGNERDRUGS
Money source for the permanently disabled: abbr. SSI
Naughts and crosses win OOO
Occupied (oneself) BUSIED
Outdoor site for some Christmas purchases TREELOT
Part of B.Y.O.B. OWN
Pets that are low to the ground WEINERDOGS
QVC rival HSN
Regina ___ (hymn to the Virgin Mary) CAELI
Rucker of Hootie & the Blowfish DARIUS
Rush's lead singer GEDDYLEE
Samael ___ Weor, founder of the International Gnostic Movement AUN
Second word of fairy tale openings UPON
Show set in NYC during the 1960s MADMEN
Sine ___ non QUA
Slip up ERR
Square hidden in each of the five long across answers NERD
The 'Rick' involved in Rickrolling ASTLEY
Tool for nails or glue GUN
Torquemada, notably TORTURER
Twilight segment DUSK
Ultravox singer Midge URE
Veil fabric TULLE
Ventilate AIROUT
Vivaldi's Concerto ___ Major INE
Windows Media Player file format AVI
___ fu (pop artist on the Sony Japan label) RIE
___ gratia artis ARS
___ in 'queen' QAS