Jonesin Crosswords - Jun 19 2008

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Clues Answers
'Bambi' role ENA
'Pump ___' (Elvis Costello song) ITUP
'Tosca,' e.g. OPERA
'___ Thunder' (2008 Jack Black movie) TROPIC
2008 French Open winner Ivanovic ANA
511 DXI
Actor B.D. of 'Law & Order: SVU' WONG
Amazon e-book KINDLE
Bagfuls in a hospital IVS
Baseball Hall-of-Famer Mel OTT
Basic pizza option CHEESE
Baton Rouge sch. LSU
Bird that can turn its head 135 degrees in both directions OWL
Branch offshoot TWIG
Brian who produced Coldplay's most recent album ENO
Carrere in Season 6 of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' TIA
CD-___ ROM
Ceases to be ISNT
China's Three Gorges, for one DAM
Company that went bankrupt in 2001 ENRON
Cosmonaut Gagarin YURI
Country with the national anthem 'Jana Gana Mana' INDIA
Cuban currency PESO
Ending word for some foreign films FIN
Enlist for another tour REUP
Forearm bone ULNA
Former film and camera company AGFA
Gave the look to EYED
Genetic material RNA
Grate stuff? SOOT
Greek letter that rhymes with three other Greek letters ETA
Grover's street SESAME
Hate like there's no tomorrow LOATHE
How blogs are presented ONLINE
In the past AGO
Iron ___ OXIDE
Item handed down between generations HEIRLOOM
Like displays in Madame Tussauds WAXY
Like some cheddars AGED
Clues Answers
Like some quotations: abbr. ANON
Little bite NIP
Long Island iced tea ingredient GIN
Lou Gehrig's disease, alternatively ALS
Mil. abbreviation NCO
Not live TAPED
Outbreak creatures LICE
Part of Caesar's last words ETTU
Part of CBS SYS
Passing craze FAD
Pause providers COMMAS
Plow beasts OXEN
Possess HAVE
Prefix with graphic LITHO
Prefix with terrorism ECO
Radiohead lead singer Yorke THOM
Roulette wheel color, in Monte Carlo NOIR
Sault ___ Marie STE
Scary words on a school paper SEEME
Science fiction author Stanislaw ___ LEM
See 40-Across ONLY
Senator that gave his name to a federal aid grant PELL
Sign approved by Rocky Balboa? YORIGHTTURN
Sign denoting that something is perched on something else? ATOP
Sign language gorilla KOKO
Sign leading to a bunch of antlers? PRONGWAY
Sign on a road that leads to a shoe company? NIKELANE
Sign that restricts Holstein parking? COWAWAYZONE
Snake mentioned in 'Baby Got Back' ANACONDA
Tattoo parlor supplies INKS
Tears apart RENDS
They go on 59-across YOKES
They may run underground CABLES
Try for a sack BLITZ
When some local newscasts begin FIVE
Whirlpools EDDIES
With 47-across, sign indicating that the movies 'Network' and 'Mommie Dearest' are coming up, but no others? DUNAWAYVEHICLES
___ d' MAITRE
___ de deux PAS