The A.V Club - Dec 19 2007

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Clues Answers
'Einstein on the Beach Trying to Score Some Heroin,' e.g.? HORSEOPERA
'Flags of ___ Fathers' OUR
'Get a room!' elicitor, for short PDA
'Incidentally,' on IM BTW
'Not to mention...' ALSO
'On the contrary!' NOTSO
'Simpsons' newscaster Brockman KENT
'Whoops! Sorry ...' MYBAD
'You ___ pretty good game' TALKA
'___ Really Going Out With Him?' ISSHE
1974 movie musical starring Lucille Ball MAME
2001 Depeche Mode album EXCITER
Acrobat's insurance NET
Air-powered toy weapon BURPGUN
Alias, in Forbes DBA
An alter ego for Ali G BRUNO
Augments ADDSTO
Be sore ACHE
Blowing hard out WINDY
Bucolic place to buy amphetamines? BENNYHILL
Cabinet that holds knick-knacks HUTCH
Chip's source POTATO
Cokehead's defense attorney? CRACKLAWYER
College that, unabbreviated, is the punchline to a tasteless Michael Jackson joke BYU
Convenient USEFUL
Crappy winter forecast SLEET
Dashboard meas. MPH
Decal on a Deadhead's van? POTSTICKER
Distant galactic object QUASAR
Dr. Zaius, for one APE
Elevator man? OTIS
Engrave, in a way ETCH
Explore the subconscious of ANALYZE
Expressing one's viewpoint OPINING
Freshwater creature that breathes air LUNGFISH
Fritz or k.d. LANG
Golf star Sorenstam ANNIKA
Clues Answers
Horror movie sound EEK
Indicator of dimness LOWIQ
Israeli politician Barak EHUD
It borders Zambia and Tanzania MALAWI
Kayaker's need OAR
Letters of payback IOU
Like most commercial salt IODIZED
Like non-prescription meds OTC
Like some legal proceedings EXPARTE
Listens HARKS
Man on the Mekong LAO
Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork, e.g. MONKEES
Ming of the NBA YAO
Object that'll wake a princess PEA
Penpoint NIB
Philadelphia public transit provider SEPTA
Refusals NOES
Remains may remain in one URN
Rita Moreno's role in 'West Side Story' ANITA
Roused again, as a stubborn sleeper REAWOKE
Sean Astin's alma mater UCLA
Shout during a fencing match ENGARDE
Soon, poetically ANON
St. ___ Girl (beer with busty spokesmodels) PAULI
Suffix with journal or computer ESE
Sushi topping, sometimes ROE
Tab alternative DIETCOKE
The ACLU protects them RTS
Therefore ERGO
Train network: Abbr. RWY
Turbo fan? STALKER
TV show responsible for 'Chrismukkah' THEOC
Venomous snake ASP
Was really into DUG
What occurs on a trip to the laundromat? ACIDWASHING
___ and kin KITH
___ Speedwagon REO