New York Times - Oct 13 2002

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Clues Answers
'Cool Water' singer ODETTA
'Doesn't this strike you ___?' ASODD
'Quo Vadis' role NERO
'So there you are!' OHO
'Sorry to say ...' ALAS
'This instant!' ATONCE
'Veni, vidi, vici,' e.g. BOAST
'___ a Blue World' (1940 hit) ITS
100 for an I.Q. NORM
1930's inits. NRA
Airline locale HUB
Alphabet trio NOP
Ancient Spanish kingdom NAVARRE
Anesthetized UNDER
Animal with curved horns GNU
Antifreeze ingredient METHANOL
Bailout key ESC
Be doubly protected REINSURE
Biblical twin ESAU
British metric units GRAMMES
Buck add-on AROO
Burgundy wine MACON
Calcutta cloth DHOTI
Cause of a late 1950's scandal PAYOLA
Certain bathing suit ONEPIECE
Certain spirits ALCOHOLS
Chatterbox TALKER
Chaucer tale-teller REEVE
Children's word after one, two or three POTATO
Chuck TOSS
Circus sight STILT
Co. offering broadband service COMSAT
Come clean, with 'up' FESS
Cowboy's moniker TEX
Dance to 'Minka,' e.g. POLKA
Dick Van ___ of 'Eight Is Enough' PATTEN
Dust Bowl refugee OKIE
Dutch import EDAM
Earthquake-prone world capital ANKARA
Easy openings FLIPTOPS
Edit out DELETE
Engine fuel PETROL
Feel remorse for REPENT
Gardner of 'The Barefoot Contessa' AVA
Having feathers FLEDGED
Having sound SONANT
Heart throbs BEATS
Howe'er THO
Hunter's need LICENSE
In-flight details, for short ETAS
Incomparably, after 'by' FAR
It gets things off the ground TEE
It goes downstairs SLINKY
Keatsian tribute ODE
Keep an ___ EYEON
Kind of bobsled TWOMAN
Kind of walk NATURE
La-la lead-in OOH
Lead has one HOMONYM
Like one terminal of a battery: Abbr. POS
Like the Who, in the 60's MOD
Mahler's 'Das Lied von der ___' ERDE
Make an impression DENT
Marsh plants SEDGES
Message Waiting instruction CALL
Mo. in which to celebrate Mother-in-Law Day OCT
Much of N.J.'s coast ATL
Music of Abba or Roxette EUROPOP
Name on a hospital wing, perhaps DONOR
Clues Answers
Nanki-___ of 'The Mikado' POO
Neighbor of Isr. SYR
Neighbor of N.M. COLO
New pedometer reading OOO
Not end on schedule GOLONG
Now, in San Juan AHORA
Open with a click UNSNAP
Outstanding OWED
Oz visitor TOTO
Pair of oxen TEAM
Part of 26-Down, old-style DESOXYRIBONUCLEICACID
People on the Platte OTOS
Perp pursuers COPS
Pertaining to a shore LITTORAL
Physics particle with an integral spin BOSON
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Plaza de ___ TOROS
Port city built around an old volcano crater ADEN
Potential boat capsizers SWELLS
Prefix with meter ODO
President born on July 4 COOLIDGE
Put up ERECT
Receptionist's info: Abbr. EXT
Refines SMELTS
River to the Volga OKA
Robbie's daredevil dad EVEL
Second ltr. addition PPS
See-through sheet LUCITE
Sequence involving 3-Down GENETICCODE
Shedding light on EXPOSING
Sierra Madre treasure ORO
Site in development? PHOTOLAB
Slurping at the dinner table, e.g. NONO
Some series bonds EES
Spanish wave OLA
Star in Cygnus DENEB
Starts from scratch REDOES
Stay away from NOTDO
Store on a farm ENSILE
Straight-billed game bird SNIPE
Student inside ivied walls ELI
Subject of the book 'Disaster in Dearborn' EDSEL
Suffixes with ball and bass OONS
Tabloid publisher's concern LIBELLAW
Talking points? DAISES
Tattered Tom's creator ALGER
Teensy bit IOTA
The Fed's concern: Abbr. ECON
They bring things down AXES
They help you get a grip PLIERS
Together ASONE
U.N. workers' grp. ILO
Unit of yarn HANK
Unlawful firing? ARSON
Washington's ___ Circle DUPONT
What 14-Down represents DNAMOLECULE
What flames may do DANCE
What the highlighted squares in this puzzle represent STRANDSOFADOUBLEHELIX
When said three times, a 1964 Billboard hit FUN
Widen, in a way REAM
Years abroad ANOS
Zoo de Madrid animals OSOS
___-Cat SNO