Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 6 2011

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Clues Answers
'-- now or never!' ITS
'And I mean fast!' ASAP
'Cats 101' channel ANIMALPLANET
'ER' actress Laura INNES
'How about that!' GEE
'My People' author Abba EBAN
'Star Trek' role UHURA
'What's up wit --?' DAT
'Whatever -- wants ...' LOLA
-- -mo (replay option) SLO
-- -popular EVER
-- de mer MAL
-- Island (old immigration gateway) ELLIS
-- monster (lizard type) GILA
-- sense INA
-- Z (the gamut) ATO
1200 hours NOON
1951 Cesar Romero film LOSTCONTINENT
1953 Frankie Laine hit IBELIEVE
50-Across' partner in comedy HARDY
98-Down's partner in comedy LAUREL
Ankle injury SPRAIN
Appealed to God PRAYED
Apr. and Jul. MOS
Astronauts' garments GSUITS
Babbled RANON
Ball caller UMP
Bara of silent films THEDA
Be in need of sutures BLEED
Big annual beauty contest MISSUNIVERSE
Bolt variety RIVET
Building front FACADE
Calm down SEDATE
Captain of the Pequod AHAB
Chinese 'way' TAO
Church officer's residence VICARAGE
Contacts via a letter WRITESTO
Continuity interrupter GAP
Craps cubes DICE
Cybernotes EMAIL
Deceptive moves FEINTS
Devilish kid IMP
Ditchdiggers TRENCHERS
Doctrine ISM
Draw on USE
Dreamy guy ADONIS
Early Cosby TV series ISPY
Edwin of the Reagan cabinet MEESE
Eye, in Nice OEIL
Falco or Sedgwick EDIE
Finger locale HAND
Forbidden TABOO
Foxy SLY
Fricassees STEWS
Fry a bit SAUTE
Get ideas THINK
Grid six-pointers TDS
Heard things SOUNDS
Heavy metallic element OSMIUM
Heelless slip-ons MOCCASINS
Hillary Clinton, e.g. SECRETARYOFSTATE
Hit Nintendo game for the Wii SUPERMARIOGALAXY
Holiday quaff NOG
Honor given by a mayor KEYTOTHECITY
Implied subtly HINTED
In a rut STUCK
In a shy way COYLY
Clues Answers
Internet -- (viral phenomena) MEMES
Internet access co. AOL
Intrude MEDDLE
Iroquois tribesmen ONEIDAS
Is sorry about RUES
Is suspended HANGS
Island guitar UKE
Isn't able CANT
Kilt wearer SCOT
Like Russia EURASIAN
Like sludge SLIMY
Litter's littlest RUNT
Looks upon with a grin SMILESAT
Lower back's area LUMBARREGION
Magic-using illness curers SHAMANS
Make fun of MOCK
Mama's other half PAPA
Mark, as a ballot box XIN
More ogreish MEANER
Mozart's 'The Marriage of --' FIGARO
Mu -- pork SHU
Not -- bet ONA
Not in cipher UNENCODED
Novelist Brashares ANN
Oily org.? OPEC
Opponent RIVAL
Palette filler PAINT
Period in history ERA
Phi follower CHI
Plus others: Abbr. ETC
Port of Cuba HAVANA
Prefix for the birds? AVI
Quartz used in marbles AGATE
R followers STU
Ready if required ONTAP
Remaining LEFT
Removes from a roster DELISTS
Rock music subcategory EMO
Salary after taxes NETPAY
Salmon hue PINK
SC hours EST
See 99-Down SEAT
Selective breeding site STUDFARM
Sentence units PHRASES
Shady walk ALAMEDA
Simulated FAKED
Sinful EVIL
Spanish for 'God' DIOS
Sporting site ARENA
Sty dwellers HOGS
Texas river or county GUADALUPE
Those elected INS
Tiny drink SIP
Tube commercials TVADS
Unemotional STOLID
Used against U-boats e.g., ANTISUB
Vending guys SALESMEN
Walesa of Solidarity LECH
Ward (off) FEND
Waters off Buffalo LAKEERIE
Weeding tool HOE
Western film for which Burl Ives won an Oscar THEBIGCOUNTRY
Whodunit cry AHA
With 72-Down air passenger's preference , AISLE
Writer -- Rogers St. Johns ADELA
Yale Daily News reader ELI
Year's 365 DAYS
Yoko of 'Milk and Honey' ONO