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Clues Answers
'-- Dark Stranger (1946 film)' ISEEA
'-- Little Teapot' IMA
'-- pinch of salt' ADDA
'Cheers' barmaid CARLA
'Dallas' Miss ELLIE
'Ixnay' NOPE
'The Divine Comedy' poet DANTE
'What have to deserve this?' -- IDONE
-- -bitsy ITSY
-- -wolf SHE
-- about (roughly) ONOR
-- En-lai CHOU
-- up with PUT
11- or 12-year-old TWEEN
Abode: Abbr. RES
Actor Sharif OMAR
Advil target ACHE
After-tax NET
Al Fatah gp. PLO
Ancient Greek city SPARTA
Besides that ELSE
By -- (alone) ONESELF
Camaro -- -Z IROC
Carbon 14 or uranium 235 ISOTOPE
Certain boat propeller POLER
Chief Norse deity ODIN
Chinese menu 'General' TSO
Comes into view EMERGES
Comes up ARISES
Coming into existence NASCENT
Corn holder COB
Corp. execs VPS
Corps. COS
Crawls (with) TEEMS
Crew creating protective car parts? BUMPERCORPS
Cyclotron bit ION
Dale where beans are grown to make a cathartic oil? CASTORVALLEY
Decorate an infant's bed with images of celestial bodies? ORBTHECRADLE
Dir. opposite NNE SSW
Dodging sort EVADER
Drink in a sippy cup WAWA
Dwarf planet in the asteroid belt CERES
Earthquake origination point EPICENTER
Elia writing ESSAY
Exercises utilizing bars CHINUPS
Fine thread LISLE
Fish enticers LURES
For each APIECE
Furrier's philanthropic family from Texas? HOUSTONASTORS
Give consent SAYYES
Go after PURSUE
Group of nine things ENNEAD
Health facility SPA
Horse sound SNORT
How heavy a British Conservative is? TORYWEIGHT
Impassive sorts STOICS
Infuriates IRES
Input info DATA
Jacuzzi user's sigh AAH
Japanese police dogs AKITAS
Jar tops LIDS
Juliet's beau ROMEO
JVC rival SONY
Clues Answers
Lavish party FETE
Lech of labor WALESA
Legal wrong committed by a gobbler? TURKEYTORT
Legume seed holder PEAPOD
Lemon, lime, or orange CITRUSTREE
Letters for Old MacDonald EIEIO
Like ailments that can be remedied CURABLE
Livy's 1,150 MCL
Low card TREY
Lying in the same straight path COLLINEAR
Madison Ave. workers ADMEN
Marshall Plan pres. HST
Matt Dillon portrayer James ARNESS
Member of the mimosa family ACACIA
Most polar ICIEST
Most twisted WRIEST
Music Muse EUTERPE
Neck area NAPE
Nothingness VOID
Novelist Nin ANAIS
Obi-Wan ('Star Wars' role) -- KENOBI
One- -- (short shows) ACTERS
Parcel units ACRES
Perfumes ceremonially CENSES
Pierre of fashion CARDIN
Pkg. shipper UPS
Plug in a tub STOPPER
Poet Neruda PABLO
Practice of staying in one's birthday suit NUDISM
Privy to INON
QBs' scores TDS
Rains cold pellets SLEETS
Ran into MET
Rare (elements #57 to #71) -- EARTHS
Rendezvous TRYST
Requisites NEEDS
Rich fabric with raised designs BROCADE
Rush angrily at a longtime South Carolina senator? STORMTHURMOND
Secretive govt. group NSA
Serious STAID
Sheep coats WOOLS
Shower sponge LOOFA
Sight-related OPTIC
Sign before Scorpio LIBRA
Sis sibling BRO
Skier's lodge CHALET
Slight imperfection on an entry blank? FORMSCRATCH
Slow, on a music score LENTO
Software programmer CODER
Stretched TAUT
Takeoff stat ETD
Team animal MASCOT
Tennis star Williams SERENA
Tight as -- ADRUM
Time in court SESSION
Typos, e.g. ERRORS
Utah's Hatch ORRIN
Volcano in E. Sicily MTETNA
West of film MAE
What sit-ups strengthen ABS
Willa Cather's 'My --' ANTONIA
Wise guy SMARTIE
Worthy to be given a title NAMABLE
Young sheep LAMB