Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 6 2011

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Clues Answers
'-- a Lady' SHES
'-- bad boy!' IMA
'And hurry!' ASAP
'Buon --!' (Italian 'Good day!') GIORNO
'I can just see --' ITNOW
'It's -- -brainer' ANO
'Kinsey' star Liam NEESON
'May -- favor?' IASKA
'Oh, clever!' AHA
'Om,' e.g. MANTRA
'Peace' SHALOM
'South Pacific' song BALIHAI
'Starpeace' singer Yoko ONO
'Take me as --' IAM
'Well, -- -di-dah!' LAH
'Yummy' pair EMS
'Z' actress Papas IRENE
-- & Lomb BAUSCH
-- -cone (cooling treat) SNO
-- de coeur CRI
-- Gay (old war plane) ENOLA
-- Green, Scotland GRETNA
-- Lankan SRI
-- Yello (soft drink brand) MELLO
Acacia's kin MIMOSATREE
Actor Hamlin HARRY
Airport abbr. ETD
Angry rant TIRADE
Anti-trafficking gp. DEA
Asimov and Newton ISAACS
Autumn zodiac sign SCORPIO
Backslide REGRESS
Ballad's end? EER
Baseball's all-time leader in stolen bases RICKEYHENDERSON
Bitterly cold ICY
Boat rower's need OAR
Body of eau LAC
Boise's county ADA
Bolted RAN
Bruins great ORR
Call -- evening ITAN
Call for help SOS
Camera part LENS
Campfire snacks SMORES
Captain Hook's henchman SMEE
Carnivorous North American rodent GRASSHOPPERMOUSE
Certain fishing pot EELTRAP
City in south Chile OSORNO
Clothing lines SEAMS
Clue seeker: Abbr. DET
Composer John Philip -- SOUSA
Composer of the opera 'Prince Igor' ALEXANDERBORODIN
Dissimilar to UNLIKE
Divide up by type ASSORT
Doc with an otoscope ENT
Dried by heat BAKED
Drinking binges JAGS
Dutch beer AMSTEL
Easy-to-attach patch IRONON
English 'Inc.' LTD
Equip for use RIGUP
Everest, e.g.: Abbr. MTN
Female fox VIXEN
Fluid in a pen INK
Fraction of a fl. oz. TSP
French 'the' LES
Future fry ROE
Giant in insurance AETNA
Glancing piercingly GIMLETEYED
Clues Answers
Go with the flow ADAPT
Guerrilla Guevara CHE
Hidden marksman SNIPER
High Swiss peak ALP
Hightail it FLEE
Introduce, as a new year USHERIN
Is sporting HASON
It's a plus ASSET
K-12 org. PTA
Lace loops PICOTS
Last British letter ZED
Least busy IDLEST
Legendary furrier ASTOR
Like horses MANED
Like positive numbers ABOVEZERO
Like some swimming strokes OVERARM
Locale of the Venezuelan city Porlamar MARGARITAISLAND
Longtime Hearst publication COSMOPOLITANMAGAZINE
Machine tooth COG
Martial arts actor Jackie CHAN
Medium of many all-talk stations AMRADIO
Most macabre EERIEST
Munic. law ORD
Musical reworking: Abbr. ARR
Nehemiah-Job linkup ESTHER
New York City cardinal Edward EGAN
Next year's srs. JRS
Ocean off FL ATL
Onyx or opal GEM
Organism on a slide AMOEBA
Person at the helm NAVIGATOR
Prong TINE
Put in a new home REHOUSE
Quaint suffix with poet ESS
Raise REAR
Rapper Tone -- LOC
Right fielder Slaughter ENOS
River of Hesse EDER
Rocks atop TEETERSON
Ryder of 'Heathers' WINONA
Salon option PERM
Saran, say WRAP
Shearer of the screen NORMA
Ship's back AFT
Shoots a rifle again REFIRES
Situate ORIENT
Skill, in Sicily ARTE
Slanting ATATILT
Sly-fox filler ASA
Spring zodiac sign ARIES
Squall, e.g. STORM
Stevedores' org. ILA
Suffix with east or west ERN
Suffix with prefect URE
Swindling guy CONMAN
Syr. neighbor ISR
Tennis' Ivanovic ANA
Tetra- plus one PENTA
Theme of this puzzle COCKTAILS
Toll, as a bell RING
Tomatoey seafood soup MANHATTANCLAMCHOWDER
U.S. 1, e.g. RTE
Violin tuner PEG
Violinist Zimbalist EFREM
Willow family member POPLAR
Wisconsin city RACINE
Writer Grey ZANE
Writer Ralph Waldo -- EMERSON